Ethnic Cleansing in Belfast

When one person is attacked because of their nationality, that’s xenophobia.  When 100 people are intimidated out of their homes and have to flee the country, that’s ethnic cleansing.

loyalistsOnce again, the loyalists of Northern Ireland show the world what an ugly bunch they are.  After years of intimidating their Catholic neighbours, they now  concentrate on immigrants, though the recent attacks on Romanians are nothing new.  Before this, they were attacking Poles, Africans and anyone else they perceived to be different.

Bigotry, of course, is nothing new to Northern Ireland’s loyalist culture.  Hatred of non-loyalists is at its very heart because loyalists, by definition, are intensely aware of their own status as outsiders.  They celebrate it.  They flaunt it.  They commemorate their ancestors’ arrival on these shores, displacing and dispossessing the indigenous Irish.  The manner of their commemorations has  for years been designed to cause maximum insult to those they perceive to be the conquered population.

On the face of it, to any reasonable person, they seem to be completely unaware of the irony in their position.  Any reasonable person might point out that the loyalists themselves are self-proclaimed outsiders, having no connection in any form with Irish culture.  The reasonable man might therefore ask how these manifest outsiders could display such hatred towards other outsiders instead of feeling empathy with them.

That would miss the point completely.  Loyalists don’t do irony.  Loyalists maddogcouldn’t give a flying fuck about anyone else.  At the heart of the loyalist credo is one simple theme: we took this place by violence and we’ll keep it by violence.

I’m not saying all unionists think like that.  There are many who happen to believe the union was a preferable political structure but consider themselves fully part of the Irish culture.

Loyalism is different, and increasingly dangerous as it binds closer and closer with European Fascist movements such as Combat 18 and the BNP.  We now see loyalist mobs attacking the homes of Romanians, smashing windows in the church where they took refuge and chanting Nazi slogans.

Where is this all leading?


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Politics Scandal

Why Aer Lingus is leaving Shannon

Aer Lingus operates full flights into and out of Shannon every day. It will also operate full flights into and out of Belfast every day.

So what’s the difference?


The Shannon route carries a mix of passengers, some of whom have just arrived at the ticket desk and bought a fare at the top price. Others have booked months ahead and got their tickets at a very low cost. The rest are somewhere in between.

The Belfast flights will be packed with civil servants and politicians frantically shuttling back and forth to London in the new euphoria of a Northern Ireland where Paisley thinks he’s Irish and Gerry Adams is a Unionist.

These civil servants and politicians couldn’t give a flying fuck what a ticket costs and they’ll all be paying top dollar, meaning plenty of extra cash per flight for Aer Lingus. Furthermore, because these politicians and civil servants are all dealing with Westminster, they want to go to Heathrow so they can take the Tube straight there.

That’s the reason our government acquiesced so meekly to this proposal. It suits their new agenda, which is the repartitioning of Ireland. The North-South divide is finished. Now we have the East-West partitition, where all resources will be concentrated in the Eastern half of the country, and the West will be left as some kind of theme park, and maybe a source of holiday homes for Tribunal people.

You know something about this new repartitioning? You won’t see any Provos out on the streets throwing petrol bombs in protest this time because the plan suits them, and it’s going to make them all rich. Lucky old Provos. So much for their slogans about a United Ireland.


kick it on


How we plan things in Ireland

Five billion, by Jesus! Five billion. Roll that around your tongue there for a minute like a good smoky, solid old Irish whiskey. Five billion.

It doesn’t sound much when you say it fast, does it? Five. Billion.

That’s how much our government plans to spend on the new Dublin metro. The northern section.

They propose to spend the same on the southern section, having already spent about €800 million on the tram system for Dublin, and another €800 million for the Dublin port tunnel which, sadly, will soon be unnecessary when the port is moved, but hey! shit happens, and after all, it’s only money when you get right down to it.

So let’s see. That’s five and five – ten! Ten billion. And then we have the trams and the tunnel. €11.6 billion. Right. And then there’s the €3.4 billion that needs to be spent electrifying Dublin’s suburban rail system. Let’s call it a round €15 billion. Hey, overseas friends: that’s about €22 billion dollars. That’s almost the cost of three days occupying Iraq, for fucksake!

Do you notice anything missing from this list?

Well, how about the name of every other city in Ireland, except Dublin, where the politicians, the judiciary and the media people live?

Isn’t that clever?

Isn’t it clever that we’re all taxpayers, that we all pay the same money to the Exchequer, and that only about a quarter of the population live in Dublin, yet we see €15 billion of our money spent on Dublin’s public transport system as compared to — what spent on the rest of the country?

Well, at a rough estimate, to approximately fuck-all. I go to town on the bus like I always did, the same as people in Cork, Galway, Waterford, Sligo and everywhere else do.

Isn’t that great? Isn’t it a credit to the people of Limerick, Cork, Galway, Waterford, Sligo and everywhere else that they’re so happy to send their taxes to build all these things in Dublin? And what’s more, that they’re willing to forgo the same benefits for themselves, in an outburst of public-spirited generosity. Damn good of them. Damn good.

Meanwhile, our former national airline, complete with its valuable Heathrow slots, which was sold off by our government for no obvious reason, has just announced its abandonment of Shannon to set up shop in Belfast. Also on the East coast, just like Dublin, and now at the centre of the political universe, since they stopped shooting each other.

Why? Was it an uneconomic operation in Shannon? Far from it. Every flight was full.

So why?

Who can tell?

Maybe it’s because, in our little anti-democracy, some people’s votes count more than others’.

I should have kicked in a few pennies to Bertie‘s dig-out fund. Shit.