Taxpayers’ Money Protects Clerical Child Abusers

The State is paying most of the compensation costs for the victims of abuse by clergy in residential institutions. The figure is estimated at about €1.3 billion.

This was agreed in a secret deal between Michael Woods, Bertie Ahern and CORI, the Church umbrella group. The Attorney General was excluded from the discussions at the insistence of the clergy.

National Blasphemy Day

National Blasphemy Day

This is National Blasphemy Day, and as a committed blasphemer, I thought it was only right to bring you a selection of my blasphemous writings.

I hope to Jesus the Irish government doesn’t prosecute me for being such a blasphemer, but you never know these days …

Ansbacher Report On Line

Gavin Sheridan has uploaded the full text of the Ansbacher report HERE.  If you want a clear insight into the poison that affected Irish public life, it’s as good place […]

What Does NAMA Stand For?

What Does NAMA Stand For?

They tell us NAMA stands for National Assets Management Agency. I don’t believe them.  I think it stands for something else but I don’t know what. Here’s an offer.  I’ll […]

Budget 2009 — My suggestions

Thanks to Marian Finucane for coining the word of the decade. Bludget. That’s what we’re facing tomorrow, I’m afraid, and that’s not just a figure of speech.  I really am […]