Blasphemy Referendum – Ridding Irish Law of Catholic Sharia

Do you remember the ridiculous blasphemy law that Fianna Fáil’s Dermot Ahern decided he must introduce in the face of massive public apathy?

Here’s section 36 of the Defamation Act 2009.  Can you believe this nonsense in a country that claims to be a democratic republic?

(1) A person who publishes or utters blasphemous matter shall be guilty of an offence and shall be liable upon conviction on indictment to a fine not exceeding €25,000.

(2) For the purposes of this section, a person publishes or utters blasphemous matter if—

(a) he or she publishes or utters matter that is grossly abusive or insulting in relation to matters held sacred by any religion, thereby causing outrage among a substantial number of the adherents of that religion, and

(b) he or she intends, by the publication or utterance of the matter concerned, to cause such outrage.

Excuse me?

“Held sacred by any religion”. In other words, it’s a crime to say anything that some random religious nutcase might choose to take offence at. It’s a crime to mock or ridicule a belief in the supernatural, despite the complete lack of evidence for ghosties or ghoulies. Star Chamber territory: the severity of my crime depends on how outraged a given religious maniac chooses to feel on any given day.

If I offend the Church of Scientology, by laughing at their idea that an alien lives inside your head, I might get fined 20 grand?

If I upset the Mormons by suggesting that the tribes of Israel never lived in North America and that Joseph Smith was a lunatic, the cops are going to come and arrest me?

Probably not, since these are utterly mad religions, unlike the perfectly sensible majority belief in Ireland that a priest can turn a biscuit into a man by waving his hands at it.

jesus battlestar catholactica

Luckily for us, an Garda Síochána has been in no massive rush to prosecute those of us who happen to think religious belief should hold the same status as the belief in any other fantasy, so there hasn’t been a rush to burn us at the stake for mocking their delusions.  Otherwise, who knows what would have happened if the followers of Yog-Sothoth had complained to the authorities?  Would the Pastafarians have tossed me in the slammer for straining credulity?

I did an annual Good Friday blasphemous post every year since 2009 in protest at the ridiculous Section 36, and long before it too, but strangely, no copper ever felt my collar.

Let me share some of them here with you for posterity.

Saint Bock’s Gospel

Battlestar Catholactica

Christian Science and the Zombie Jesus

Holy iPhone Apps


Of course, this sort of thing always invites the incredibly boring troll who says something like, You’d never say this about the Muslims, would you?

Yes, actually.  I would.

Imagine being a dead Muslim martyr.





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Swedish MP Complains to European Commission About Irish Blasphemy Law


How to lodge a complaint with the EU


A Swedish MP, Karl Sigfrid, has lodged a complaint with the European Commission about our ludicrous new anti-blasphemy law.

Writing in the EU Observer, Sigfrid cogently makes the case against this law, pointing out that it amounts to  a mandatory obligation on people to practise a religion even if they don’t want to.

As he puts it, a law against blasphemy is an obligation to live your life according to the religious beliefs of others.

He’s right, and though he may express himself in more polite terms, he’s saying exactly what I pointed out in previous posts: this law is a charter for religious extremists to impose their insane will on anyone they don’t like.

As Sigfrid warns, statements threatening the power of religious leaders will awaken the strongest reactions and therefore be considered the most offensive ones, resulting in punishment by the state.

Now look.  It’s taken a Swedish member of parliament to make the first official complaint.  Isn’t it about time we took responsibility for the ridiculous state of our country?  Let’s see if we can follow his example and sidestep the deadwood that passes for politicians in this country.

Let’s all lodge formal complaints with the European Commission.

How about it?

I sent Karl a message and we’re now Facebook friends. Since we don’t have any grown-up politicians in Ireland, why not adopt a Swedish one instead?

Look him up and say hello, why don’t you? He seems like a decent guy. Better than our boneheads anyway.

Karl Sigfrid

karl sigfrid
Karl Sigfrid. Hero.


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More Sharia Bullshit – Lubna Hussein to be Flogged in Sudan

Update 8th September 2009

Lubna Hussein was fined for wearing trousers.  She refused to pay and was sentenced to 30 days in jail.  The journalists union subsequently paid the fine and she was released, but she isn’t happy about it, and with good reason.

The union is controlled by the Sudanese government which is embarrassed by the international attention this case has attracted, and payment of the fine got them off the hook. The last thing the Sudanese administration needed was a journalist in prison on such a patently ludicrous charge.

Hussein points out that thousands of women are in Sudan’s prisons for breaching some insane morality law, with no-one to pay their fines.


Lubna Hussein, a Sudanese journalist, faces 40 lashes for dressing indecently.

Here’s the outfit the Sudanese police found indecent:

lubna hussein 3

The police arrested 13 women, Muslim and non-Muslim, for wearing trousers.  Ten women pleaded guilty to the crime and immediately received 10 lashes and a fine.  As far as I know, the lashes were administered by some pervert policeman getting his kicks, and I suppose he used the fine-money to buy himself a freshly-oiled boy.

Lubna Hussein and two other women asked for lawyers and now face trial with the possibility of 40 lashes.

Now look.  How can anyone take Sudanese Muslims seriously with this kind of bullshit?

They’re fucking demented.  We already had a case last year where they wanted to lash a woman for naming a teddy-bear Mohammed, and now they’re flogging women for wearing trousers.

What the fuck is wrong with these people?  In most countries, this kind of bizarre sexual obsession would be enough to justify psychiatric treatment, but in Sudan it gets you a job as a cop.

And if I tell you that I think Sharia is a despicable, mentally-deranged, sexually-deviant, perverted, life-hating ideology, some mad Muslim fucker might decide to make a complaint and get me prosecuted under our new, equally-insane blasphemy law.

Imagine that.


Become a fan of Lubna Hussein HERE

Previously: Sudan Blocks Bock


Sudan Blocks Bock Shock!

I knew it would have to happen eventually, after the terrible things I said about their teddy-bear police, or maybe it was what I said about Islamic martyrs, or it could have been because of the guy with a magnet up his arse.  Anyway, the Sudanese government have finally cracked down on me.  Hard.

A friend in Sudan has emailed me to say that this page appears when he tries to summon up Bock :

sudan bock filter 002

Isn’t that terrible?  The people of Sudan are denied the opportunity to read about the holy tree stump of Rathkeale, and Leonard Cohen, and blasphemy, and Gerry Ryan being a fat wanker.

Right then.  It’s war.

From now on, I’ll be keeping a close eye on the Sudanese government.  See how they like that!

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Blasphemy Law – Ireland Officially in Dark Ages

The President has signed into law the Defamation Bill 2006 which contains an insane provision making it a crime to offend somebody’s religious views.


That’s it.  We fully deserve to be the laughing stock of the entire world.  Every maniac from the Scientologists to the Moonies now has carte blanche to bring private prosecutions against anyone they want to silence.  And believe me, the Scientologists will use this as will the lunatic Catholic fringe groups like Youth Defence.

Minister Dermot Ahern in his idiocy has opened the door to theocracy.

It is now a crime in Ireland to joke about any religion.

Fuck it, says Jesus.  Hitch up my chariot.  I’m outta here.

Holy Goose of Jesus in the Ben hur Chariot race, New unseen footage
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President Queries Blasphemy and Criminal Justice Bills

The President, Mary McAleese, has decided to consult the Council of State before signing into law the  Defamation Bill 2006 and the Criminal Justice (Amendment) Bill 2009.  After this meeting, she will decide whether to refer either of the Bills to the Supreme Court for a decision on whether they contain provisions that are unconstitutional.

This is a power given to the President under Article 26 of the Constitution which states as follows:

The President may, after consultation with the Council of State, refer any Bill to which this Article applies to the Supreme Court for a decision on the question as to whether such Bill or any specified provision or provisions of such Bill is or are repugnant to this Constitution or to any provision thereof.

It also says:

In every case in which the Supreme Court decides that any provision of a Bill the subject of a reference to the Supreme Court under this Article is repugnant to this Constitution or to any provision thereof, the President shall decline to sign such Bill.

Unfortunately, the Constitution says nothing about referring bills to the  Supreme Court to find out if they’re utterly ludicrous, and stupid, like the half-witted blasphemy provision in the Defamation Bill.

The Constitution doesn’t say, for example,

The President may, after consultation with the Council of State, refer any Bill to which this Article applies to the Supreme Court for a decision on the question as to whether such Bill or any specified provision or provisions of such Bill was dreamed up by a fucking idiot.

Nor does it say

In every case in which the Supreme Court decides that any provision of a Bill the subject of a reference to the Supreme Court under this Article was dreamed up by an idiot, the President shall call the Minister a fucking fool and instruct him to fuck off.

However, at least it’s encouraging to see that the President – a barrister and law professor – has sufficient concern to call that meeting. I hope common sense will win through, and this ridiculous and unnecessary law will be kicked out. Otherwise, we’re going to take one more step in Ireland’s weary trudge back to the Dark Ages.


How Are We Going To Derail This Stupid Blasphemy Law?

OK people.  Suggestions please.

Our government has just forced through an utterly ludicrous provision as part of the Defamation Act 2009.  It’s introduced the new crime of blasphemous libel, a concept of such monumental stupidity that it can’t be allowed to go unchallenged.

I have no doubt that this half-witted law will be confronted in the courts, but meanwhile we’ll have a charter for every crank and nutcase to oppress their critics.  Every maniac from the Scientologists to the Jehovah Witnesses will use this law to attack anyone who correctly points out how insane they are. Not to mention every lunatic life-hating Muslim tribesman in Afghanistan, and every nutcase ayatollah in Iran.

Could I just add here that this doesn’t mean I suddenly think Catholicism or Judaism are sensible, logical superstitions.  I don’t.  But at least the Catholics and the Jews aren’t inclined — for the most part — to go apeshit every time somebody laughs at them.

I wrote to the Garda Press Office seeking clarification of how they intend to approach this but I don’t have high hopes of a reply, and in any case I think we need to be setting the agenda first, so here’s my suggestion.

I propose that people swamp them with complaints.

Look around.  Every time you read an utterance by a Catholic priest that might be offensive to Muslims or Jews, make a formal complaint to the police.  Every time a rabbi says the Messiah is yet to come, lodge a complaint on behalf of Catholics.  Every time a priest says Jesus is the Saviour, complain on behalf of Jews.  If you read a comment derogatory to spaghetti monsters, get on the phone to the cops.  Say you’re a pissed-off Pastafarian.  Every time you see an ad for alcohol, complain for Muslims. Every time you see anything even slightly sensible, call the constabulary and say it offends Scientologists.

I’m now going to declare publicly my own personal worship.  Long-term readers of this site will know how highly I regard Srinivasa Ramanujan, about whom a movie has recently been made, though I haven’t managed to see it yet.  I now hereby declare my belief that God is the number 1729, and that all criticism and jokes about this number cause me profound offence.

I also revere the great never-ending revolving Goddess 142857.

Do not, at your peril, make fun of 142857, lest you draw upon you the wrath of 1729.

Let’s this get this farce on the road.



Anti-Blasphemy Law — Ireland Consumed by Politically Correct Insanity

As you know, the new Defamation Act was passed and awaits signing into law by the President. It will now be a criminal offence in Ireland to ridicule a religion.

I have no doubt we can expect complaints from outraged Moonies, Scientologists and assorted cults of every hue. Therefore, I decided to approach the police to see how they intend to handle complaints.

Here’s an email I sent to the Garda press office, and I’ll let you know what they say, in the unlikely event that I receive any reply.


I am currently preparing an article on the operation of the anti-blasphemy law, as set out in the new Defamation Act.

The provisions appear to be quite wide-ranging, and it is open to the adherent of any religion to make a complaint to an Garda Síchána if they feel offended by any published material. In this context you will recall some years ago the controversy surrounding the publication of cartoons in in a Danish newspaper which caused outrage among some Muslims. It appears that an editor could now be prosecuted if he published those cartoons in Ireland.

In the event that a complaint is made to an Garda Síchána under this Act, could you please clarify whether all religions will be given equal weight? For example, would a complaint from the Church of Scientology or the Moonies be treated with the same gravity as a complaint from the Catholic Church? Likewise, will some procedure be put in place to determine which religions are recognised as valid and what criteria might be used to make this determination?

You are perhaps aware that certain religions which most people would regard as spurious, such as Pastafarianism and the Jedi religion, are widespread across the world. If a journalist should write an article ridiculing a church that worships a spaghetti monster (Pastafarianism), or makes fun of a religion based on a science fiction movie, would an Garda Síchána take such a complaint at face value, and consider prosecuting that journalist for blasphemous libel? If not, would the decision not to proceed be made by a member with special training in determining whether a particular religion is a legitimate one?

I would also be interested to know what procedures might be put in place where one religion’s beliefs are deeply offensive to another. For instance, Judaism teaches that Jesus is not the Messiah. Many Christians find this deeply offensive, and it is not inconceivable that a complaint might be made against Jews under the terms of the new Act. In such a case, would a complaint be entertained and perhaps brought before the DPP?

Finally, could you please advise whether an Garda Síochána is currently taking measures to equip its members with the necessary expertise to deal with this difficult issue if and when it arises?


Crimes of Blasphemous Libel

Blasphemous Libel




Atheist Ireland

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Ireland Is Not A Republic

Ireland is anything but a republic.

Independence in 1922 did not lead to freedom and self-determination, but slavery, child rape, wholesale theft of our resources by dishonest politicians, and domination of our education and health systems by perverted, authoritarian clergy.

We live in a country that abdicated its responsiblities to its most vulnerable.

It handed control of schools and hospitals to people who are unqualified and unfit: the Catholic church.  The taxpayer picks up the bill for compensating victims of clerical abuse.  A foreign multinational takes our natural gas without paying for it, and 200 of our police beat protesters off the roads.  The minister for justice proposes to make blasphemy a crime.  Our former prime minister was owned in his entirety by property developers.

In 1984, we had the most advanced digital communications network in the world, but this government gave it away to an asset stripper for peanuts and now we have almost no broadband infrastructure.  We have no proper public transport system.  Our schools are in prefabs.  There’s no access to information: this is one of the most secretive States in Europe, and one of the most authoritarian.  Our politicians, doctors and lawyers are the best paid in the world.  Small cabals run the country for their own benefit, while the poor, the sick and the weak have no voice whatever.

It’s insane.  The country is insane, corrupt and oppressive.

This is not a modern European democracy.  This is Albania.

The project has failed.  It’s time to start again.

Join this Facebook group: Make Ireland a Democracy

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National Blasphemy Day

It only seemed proper, on this most auspicious of days, to piss off most of the major religions in equal measure.

Therefore, I offer you these for the broader Christian community:

Saint Bock’s Gospel

Saint Paul’s Letters

Christian Science and the Zombie Jesus

These for the Catholics:

Padre Pio The Silicon Saint

Battlestar Catholactica

Di and Dodi Done Down in Dastardly Deed

Father O’Lunatic Reads the Gospel

This for the Muslims:

Imagine being a dead Muslim

And this for theJews:

Sorry, Moses?

While I’m at it, what about the Scientologists

Bock Joins the Scientologists

and the Jehovahs

Jehovah’s Witnesses and Blood Transfusions

Jehovah’s Witnesses Mutate

Or we could have a bag of mix ‘n’ match:

Vegans, Jehovah Witnesses, Transubstantiation and Other Lunatic beliefs

Now. Would you say enough adherents of nutcase religions feel outrage? Is Dermot Ahern going to prosecute me for pissing off these fucking lunatics? I certainly hope so.


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