I see that a palaeontologist has discovered evidence of interbreeding between Homo Sapiens and Neanderthal Man. Dr Erik Trinkaus analysed fossil bone remains and found characteristics associated with both groups. […]

Paddy’s Mandocaster

I must show you something, said Wrinkly Paddy and leapt up from his chair. Look at this! he exclaimed, pulling something out of a bag. I got it last week. […]

Thanks a Million

Thanks a million. It’s such an insipid insincere expression, isn’t it? Thanks a million. Like a horrible verbal air-kiss. Mwuh! I never say thanks a million, though I might say […]

The Aintree Grand National

I was so consumed by anxiety over Scunthorpe that I neglected to even watch the Grand National, never mind put money on a horse. So I have nothing to say […]


I don’t know if I mentioned to you that I’ve been doing a bit of a job on the old house over the last while. Did I mention that? Maybe […]

Happy Birthday to Me

Jesus, I’ve just realised. Bock is a year old today. I was exhausted from all the vigorous blogging I do on your behalf, so I took the night off and […]

Hail Mighty Lidl

Hail Mighty Lidl

Do you know something – I love Lidl. I’m a complete Lidl junkie. I even look up their web site a week in advance to see what the latest specials […]

It’s Such a Perfect Day

It’s Such a Perfect Day

OK. This is better. I’m finally beginning to recover from the annual Invasion of the Welsh Fuckers. I went for a walk today with Jimbo and the dogs (his and […]

More Latvian Hookers

Jesus, what is it with Latvian hookers these days? I remember a time when you’d hardly see a single one in the whole country, but now, all of a sudden, […]