Wirey strikes again

Wirey strikes again

I bumped into one of the Gerrys during the week. I hadn’t seen him since we buried Wirey. Well, Gerry. Did you enjoy the funeral? He shrugged. Yeah. It was […]

Flasher nabbed

Gonad the Ballbearian produced a newspaper clipping today about some fucker in Ennis who was convicted of exposing himself outside a school. His surname: Bareness. You just couldn’t make it […]

Latest on the Dutch lottery

This is what I got back: Attention:Bock Derobber, This is to acknowledge the receipt of your e-mail, and to confirm the validity of the winning notification. You have been approved […]

Pictogram Post

I received another email this evening. Here’s what it says: 網路創業已是時勢æ‰â€Ã¨¶¨ 在 Ã¥®¶ 創 業 系çµ± Ã¥·²Ã§¶â€œÃ¦Ë†Ã¥Å Å¸Ã§Å¡â€žÃ¥¹«Ã¥Å ©Ã¤ºâ€ Ã¨¨±Ã¥¤Å¡Ã¦Å“‹åâ€¹ 每月å¢Å¾Ã¥Å   自己想要çš„ 收å…¥ æ©Å¸Ã¦Å“Æ’! 是給懂å¾â€”把握æ©Å¸Ã¦Å“ƒçš„人. éâ€â„¢Ã¨¼©Ã¥­,Ã¥¯Ã¨Æ’½Ã¥°±Ã¨®â€œÃ¦â€š¨Ã¦Ë†Ã¥Å Å¸Ã§Å¡â€žÃ¦â€¹Ã¨®Å Ã¤¸â€Ã§â€Å¸ 免 è²» 創業手冊 I don’t know what […]

More Dutch Lottery News

Things are picking up again. I just got another email, and this time I’m certain I’ve won the million. All I have to do is send them my name and […]

One of the Wirey Stories

One of the Wirey Stories

Wirey always had some scheme going to keep himself in drink, and one of the most successful was the gutter-cleaning business. He and his buddy had a round of regular […]