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Suicide Bombers

Well, another day, another atrocity.

MacDara commented on yesterday’s post that religions should get better killers.

It reminded me of an old post, from back in the days when very few people read this site.  It seems appropriate.

Imagine Being a Dead Muslim

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Suicide Attacks

After the incredibly incompetent attack on the airport at Glasgow, I’ve been thinking.

Really now, you’d have to wonder about those boys, wouldn’t you? I mean, really, you simply would be driven to ponder how folk as dim as these fellows could possibly qualify as travel agents, never mind as doctors.

What the hell is going on in a person’s mind when he’s capable of this level of incompetence? Seriously: would you want these people looking after your health? Would you?

Here are a couple of doctors, highly-trained, though clearly not highly-educated, who decide to attack an airport. But it seems they don’t bother to actually look at the airport first. No. Instead, they just steal a jeep, fill it with petrol and drive it to the front door where they discover that you can’t actually drive a car through because there are these big concrete bollards, placed there especially to make sure that no lunatic can drive a blazing jeep into the building.


Oh, and qualified doctors.

Now, I’ve never been a suicide bomber in my life, but if I was, I hope I’d do it properly. And the very first thing I’d do would be to have a look at the place I’m going to attack. You’d think so – no? You’d imagine. Huh?

For fucksake. I’m glad these fuckers never got to practise medicine on me.

This looks like a good time to call in a surgical strike.

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