Cardinal Error: Brady Gets the Red Hat

I see Seán Brady has been elevated to Cardinal and is now a Prince of the Church.

Well I have nothing to say about that. My earlier open letter to him says all I want to say, and I think it’s best to just re-publish it.


Archbishop Seán Brady
Co Down

18th December 2006

Dear Archbishop Brady,

May I call you Seán? I read your comments in the paper today, and I have to tell you that I agree completely with almost everything you said. You’re quite right that there’s more coarseness and aggression in Irish society than there used to be. You’re also correct in saying that there’s a lot more drinking and sexualisation of children at too early an age. Fair play to you for pointing it out.

I’m glad for you that you’ve learned so much in the last ten years about the suffering of abuse victims. This is a good thing for you. Also, I’m sorry you’ve seen a decline to zero in the numbers of people joining your priesthood. That’s terrible, for you.

I’m glad you’re so committed to child protection. This is very encouraging.

Seán, (can I call you that?), I grew up in an Ireland where your church demanded complete obedience. I grew up in an Ireland where your church thought it had the right to dictate to the government what laws it passed. I grew up in an Ireland where bishops like you thought they could tell the Irish people how to vote.

Seán (can I call you that?), you’d do well not to be talking about the sexualisation of children. Your colleague and predecessor, Cathal Daly, declared that he had no authority over that child-abuser, Brendan Smyth, because he was a member of a religious order. That same lack of authority didn’t stop you, Seán (can I call you that?) from silencing an Augustinian priest in Dundalk who did no more than share an act of communion with some Protestants.

An act of love.

Seán (can I call you that?), if you think there’s a moral vacuum in Ireland, you’re dead right. You see, in the Ireland where I grew up, people like you demanded total obedience, and the Irish people set aside their critical faculties in your favour, because they thought you knew everything. No civic society developed because you, Seán (can I call you that?), took charge of the whole lot and decided where people could dance, what they could wear and who they could talk to.

So, Seán (can I call you that?), is it really any surprise that, when your people are exposed as money-grabbing, child-abusing, power-mad hypocrites, there might be a small bit of a moral vacuum?

I think not, Seán.

(Can I call you that?).




PS. Well done on the promotion, Seán! Onwards and upwards.

To infinity . . . and BEYOND!!


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Half God, Half Biscuit

Horoscopes, astrology, palm reading, clairvoyance, mediums and tarot are the new Irish superstitions, according to Seán Brady, Archbishop of Armagh. (You might remember Seán from the open letter I wrote to him a while back – have a look at the end of this page).

You can see how he’d be upset, can’t you?

Sean would prefer people not to believe in superstitions, mediums and shamans. Absolutely not. Instead, he wants people to believe in perfectly reasonable things that aren’t a bit superstitious. For instance, people should believe that when Seán waves his hands at a biscuit, he can turn it into God. Hmm. That seems logical.

He’d also like them to believe, among other things, that

  • God has a mother and presumably therefore a grandmother, cousins and in-laws

(Holy Eamonn, second-cousin of God, pray for us sinners . . .)

  • The dead can walk


  • Seán’s boss, Ratzo, is infallible.  You remember Ratzo? The kindly old former Hitler Youth and head of the Inquisition.
  • Mother Teresa wasn’t a swindling crook
  • Seán and his buddies have the power to forgive sins
  • The church he represents has anything to do with the teachings of Jesus.

Seán is upset that people have become distracted from their faith, as he puts it. People, according to Seán, are seeking to control their own future. I’m guessing here that Seán would like people to place themselves in the hands of his priests, as they used to do in the old days.

Who remembers what happened when people placed themselves in the hands of priests? More to the point, who remembers what happened when priests with too much power and nobody questioning them got their hands on people? Especially little people.

These things – tarot, astrology and clairvoyance – Seán reckons are part of the new Irish superstition.

Hmm. That would be as opposed to the old Irish superstition, I suppose.


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