When is a regulator not a regulator? When Fianna Fail is in government, HAHAHAHAHA!!! Geddit??? Geddit???

What kind of a fucking eejit is Brendan Smith?

Will I tell you?

OK then.  It’s a trick question.  He’s a Fianna Fáil politician.

You see, I know he’s a government minister.   I knew that.  After all, I wrote this post not too long ago listing the people who run our governent, and Brendan Smith is in that list.

Brendan Smith is, let me remind you, a member of our government.

That’s G-O-V-E-R-N-M-E-N-T.

Got it?  Government.

Now, correct me if I’m wrong, but I thought the government were the people running this country.  And I thought there was collective cabinet responsibility.  Yes?

But more to the point, I thought the government had finally realised that we needed a professional financial regulator instead of the fucking idiots who allowed our banking sector to destroy the economy while they were out playing fucking golf.

Or was I wrong?

When the new financial regulator finally gets his teeth stuck into a serious issue — namely the matter of the Quinn group — what happens?

Brendan Smith leads a delegation of gobshites to meet the minister for finance, to see if maybe he can get the regulator to back off.

Hold on a fucking second, now.  Did I read that right?

Yes you did.  A cabinet minister led a delegation to meet a fellow cabinet minister to see if he could stop the financial regulator from doing his  job.

If you never before in your life had a reason for kicking this crowd of  gobshites out of office, surely this has to be it.

Brendan Smith, you are a gobshite.

They’re as bad as the bishops.  Not only don’t they get it.  They don’t even know that they don’t get it.

Is Brendan Smith a complete idiot?


Is he unique in this government?


It’s time to kick the crooks out now, but the only problem is who to vote for.  Another incompetent shower of crooks?