Low-Fat Chicken, Beansprout and Mushroom Soup

Chicken Mushroom and Beansprout soup

Here’s a quick and tasty Chinese-style soup made with no frying and no fat.

It took me about five minutes to knock this together.  Anyone can make it, so give it a shot, and impress your friends.  (Not that you probably don’t impress your friends already — I imagine they think you’re great, but you can always surprise them with new things).


Here’s what you need:



Some beansprouts

Breast of chicken, chopped.

Mushrooms.   I happened to have some dried Asian mushrooms so I used them , but you can throw in whatever you’ve got.

Chicken stock

Oyster sauce.


Boil up the chicken stock.  I’m too lazy to roast chicken carcasses for real stock, but that makes the best kind.  Next best is an organic Kallo stock cube.

Chicken stock


Toss in the chopped chicken and let it cook for a couple of minutes.  Then throw in the mushrooms.

Let them cook for another minute or two, and then slip in a little shot of oyster sauce, the secret ingredient.

Chicken Mushroom and Beansprout soup

If you wanted, you could serve it up just like that, in which case you’d get a thin but tasty soup, like this.

However, if you add a fistful of beansprouts, you get the added advantage of their unique flavour.

Some people, including most Chinese restaurants, like to thicken these soups with a little cornflour, and I can see nothing wrong with that.

Here you go.  Enjoy.

Chicken Mushroom and Beansprout soup