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Cloyne Sex Abuse Case — Cardinal Brady Stands By Magee

Cardinal Seán Brady sees no reason why Bishop Magee should resign. Magee has had a painful lesson, Seán reckons, and now he should be allowed to get on with protecting children. Just look into that logic of that. Seán Brady thinks the right man to protect children from sex abuse is someone who ignored victims’ complaints and had a policy of providing minimal information to the police. Brady thinks Magee is a dependable and reliable person, and of course, he’s right about that. After all, Magee discovered the murdered Pope John Paul I, elected by mistake, and could be depended and relied on to keep his mouth shut about the extremely sinister aspects of that case. Magee kept quiet, and eventually ended up as a Bishop in the diocese of Cloyne. Djenkuje, Johnny, said the new Polish Pope, John Paul II. We won’t see ya stuck. Good man. Just don’t write a book, OK? And there you go. Johnny didn’t write a book. Johnny kept his trap shut and that keeps the Vatican happy, and of course, Brady is the Vatican’s man. According to Brady, Magee will now do everything in his power to ensure that clerical sexual abuse doesn’t happen in his diocese again. Hold on a minute. Am I missing something here? Does Brady not get it? This isn’t a new part of the job description for a bishop. This isn’t some radical ground-breaking discovery. It was always Magee’s job to prevent clerical sexual abuse, but he didn’t understand that, and Brady doesn’t seem to understand it either. They still don’t get it and the spin continues. He has begun to address these serious issues, says Brady. He has published the report, and apologised. He has introduced changes which need to be continued to ensure and to keep safeguarding at the top of the list of priorities. Listen. For six months he suppressed the report through empty legal threats and he only published it in the end because he had no choice. He apologised? Talk is cheap. He introduced changes to keep safeguarding at the top of the list of priorities? Correction. Safeguarding was never at the top of his priority list. That’s what his own report shows. That’s why he’s in trouble. They just don’t get it and they won’t get it until they’re forced to understand. Not only does Magee need to resign, but he also needs to be removed by the Minister from his position as patron of the schools in his diocese. Then he might have the time he needs to reflect on a life less useful, and maybe write that book after all.


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