Padraig Nally

Padraig Nally

John Frog Ward was a violent criminal who had been involved in beating up old people in Mayo, breaking into their houses and robbing them. He was a drug addict […]

Why my children never get shot

Would you like to know how I protect my children from getting shot? Watch carefully. I don’t deal drugs. Isn’t that brilliant? Everybody should try it.

Victim of intimidation

Why in heaven’s name are criminals targeting Paul Crawford? This poor man was fired on in July, prompting his outraged associates to shoot at houses in Moyross and Kileely in […]

Free Legal Aid

Free legal aid guarantees our freedoms in a democracy. It means that a poor person can’t be oppressed by a corrupt police force. It gives a voice to the weak […]


Two young children were severely burned when three teenagers threw petrol on their mother’s car and set it on fire. The country is convulsed in horror and incomprehension that anyone […]

The price of mushrooms

Jesus, I had a great breakfast this morning, and I combined it with a little shoplifting, which made it even fukken greater. I refuse to shop in your average Pikey […]

Fairy supplants Mary

I know. I know, I know, I know. We didn’t get to Donegal yet. I know. We will get to Donegal, but it will be by a circuitous route like […]

Mr A

You probably know that the High Court today issued a hugely significant decision concerning child-abusers. The facts are simple. Until last week, a man who had sex with a girl […]