Chelsea beat Manchester United

Did you watch that? The FA Cup, no less. Between the two greatest teams in England. Chelsea and Manchester United. No less. The very best. Wasn’t that the greatest load […]

Munster 30 – Bourgoin 27

What exactly was that? As somebody said in today’s paper, Munster thought they were the Harlem Globetrotters. We were lucky to come away from there with anything the way Munster […]

Limehouse Dick

The dying rays of a perfect May sunset streamed through the bow window, silhouetting the pensive figure who gazed out across the lawns of the great castle. As Bock, deep […]

Carer wanted

Kind, reliable person required to look after small city for weekend. Light duties only: closing curtains etc. Apply to Bock for details. There’s a medium-sized chance that there will be […]