David Curran, Murderer of Two Polish Men Gets Life Sentence

I see that skobe lowlife murdering scumbag got life in jail for murdering two decent human beings.

David Curran, a worthless piece of shit from Drimnagh in Dublin, deliberately killed two good, hardworking honest men — entirely unlike him in every way — by stabbing Pawel Kalite and Marius Szwajkos in the brain with a sharpened screwdriver.  Another lowlife worthless scumbag, Sean Keogh, escaped a murder conviction, even though he kicked Pawel Kalite in the head after Curran had stabbed him.

It says much about Curran that he had no friends in the courtroom, and much about the kind of family he comes from that none of them turned up either. Even his father, who was involved in the original row that eventually led to Pawel Kalite’s death, didn’t turn up to support his son.  What kind of people are they?

What kind of background produced this violent, disconnected young man?

It has nothing to do with disadvantage.  We were all disadvantaged one way or another.  It has nothing to do with poverty.  The library and the school are free.

Is it a background where nobody has any values?

I lived in Drimnagh for a year, a long time ago, and it was a solid, decent neighbourhood.  How did it start to produce the likes of Curran and the idiot teenaged girls who provoked the first confrontation outside the chipper, and who egged on Curran to commit his crimes as well as helping him to construct a false alibi?

These days, I often regret the fact that I oppose the death sentence.  Truthfully, I’d feel no sorrow if either of these two dirtbags were shot in the street like dogs and thrown into a pit of quicklime.  If we had a reliable justice system, it wouldn’t cost me a wink of sleep to think that they had been pushed under a slow-moving bulldozer or fed into a tractor gearbox, feet first.

Pawel Kalite and Marius Szwajkos were fine young men.  Curran and Keogh are a burden on humanity and we’d be all the richer for their passing.