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Denis O’Brien threatens to sue Waterford Whispers

This is the letter sent to Waterford Whispers by a law firm purporting to represent Denis O’Brien.  Personally, I think it’s a hoax, since the letter is obviously signed by a six-year-old, but maybe it’s real.  Who knows?  Maybe six-year-olds qualify for JobBridge these days.

Anyway, Denis doesn’t like being laughed at, it seems.

What kind of sad, vulnerable little man would feel threatened by a satirical website? Not exactly a Master of the Universe, that’s for sure.  Even a pirate of the Caribbean would dismiss this kind of thing with a Haar and an Aaar, but not The Denis.

You will absolutely not the laughing making at the Supreme Leader!  Not Waterford Whispers and not our national parliament.

A boy named Sue, indeed.


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Billionaire-Owned Media React To Moriarty Report

I see Denis O Brien’s media employees are all on message (as we say in the Bockschloss boardroom while shooting puppies and picking low-hanging fruit).  Reaction to Judge Moriarty’s biting criticism of their master has been, to put it kindly, muted, with the slant coming straight from Denis himself, perhaps finally explaining why a hard-headed businessman would keep a loss-maker like Newstalk on life support for so long.

The spin reminds me of the creationist dismissal of science: it’s only a theory.  In the very same way, DOB’s shock-troops are trotting out the profoundly dishonest line that Moriarty’s findings are only his opinion, thus rejecting the judicial process in every civil action ever taken.

In a moment of petulance, Michael Lowry described the Tribunal as a trial.

It is not.

The test in a civil case is the balance of probabilities.  The Tribunal was not a trial, requiring proof beyond reasonable doubt, despite Lowry’s self-pitying bleat at his press conference in Tipperary and Ben Dunne’s ridiculous I-was-out-of-my-head-on-coke defence.

The line being spun now is that there’s no point in going to the courts because the judges are a cosy club who will stick together.  It’s true that the judges are a small club, but senior courts routinely overturn decisions by judges of lower courts.  This media offensive allows O Brien to simultaneously cast a slur on Moriarty’s integrity and the independence of the judiciary, while at the same time avoiding the necessity to actually argue his case out in a court of law.  He has clearly decided to fight this in the papers he part-owns and on the radio stations he owns outright, where he can call the shots without any pesky lawyer asking him hard questions.  DOB is a major shareholder of Independent News & Media, while his company owns Today FM, Dublin 98, Newstalk and the appropriately-named Spin 1038 and Spin South West.

In impugning Moriarty’s integrity, DOB, Dunne and Lowry are playing a dangerous and cynical game.  From now on, every judge who finds against a wealthy person will be on the receiving end of subtle character assassination.

One law for the rich?

No.  Two, three or more.  As many as it takes.


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