Politics Scandal

Bertie Ahern: In Case I Didn’t Make It Plain Enough

Bertie Ahern was Minister for Finance.

Des Richardson did consultancy work for Rohan Holdings.

Des paid Bertie large amounts of cash, supposedly contributed by his friends.

Bertie changed the tax law, to the sole benefit of Rohan.

Rohan got back 2 million in tax.

Rohan paid Des a million.

One donor says he’s not a friend and that his company paid Des some money for Bertie on a false invoice.

That’s called money-laundering.

He also said he was asked for the money to help with Bertie’s political overheads, not his private life.

That’s called deception.

Where did the rest of the money come from?

Why weren’t the rest of the “friends” too worried if they got their money back?

Was there really a dig-out?

Did anyone make a donation?