Bock’s Dog Knocked Down

The Hound of Satan got run over and I’m afraid the news isn’t good. He survived. I was changing a wheel on the Bockmobile, so I didn’t see it happening, […]

My Dogs

I have two small dogs: Satan and Dermot. Satan is a Jack Russell, highly intelligent, faithful and brave, with the heart of a lion. Satan is clean and never, ever […]

Bock’s Dogs

I must be a very bad man. My two dogs have no discipline whatever, and it’s all my fault. I didn’t train them when they were pups and now they’re […]

My Dog, Satan

It’s very difficult to own a dog. Very. It’s hard. Dogs demand a great amount from their owners, and anyone who tries to tell you that pets lower your blood […]

Working dogs

I opened the fridge to get something for the dinner and it was – well, you know the way fridges get when you haven’t cleared them out in about six […]

Bar Staff

Jimbo gave me a shout. Will we go into town for a pint? Town? Are you mad? It’ll be full of aggressive drunk fuckers. Ah no. We won’t bother with […]

Ratzo's Leap

Ratzo’s Leap

Here’s the moment when the Popehound jumped out my bedroom window. Caught on cctv. ============================= Ratzo Ratzo 2 Das papahund Das papahundchen Curses Ratzo – First Blood

Das Papahundchen

Das Papahundchen

Ratzinger didn’t fall to his doom when he jumped out the bedroom window. As I was rooting around in the cellar, searching for a spare canister of polonium-210, I heard […]

Das Papahund

Das Papahund

Last night, as usual, I riveted a sheet of stainless steel to my bedroom door and, as usual, by dawn the dog had gnawed through it. As usual, I fired […]