I’m Not A Paedophile, Says Priest. I Only Abused Altar Boys

Patrick Hughes, an 82-year-old priest, is upset that anyone should call him a paedophile.

I’m only attracted to altar boys, he told the police.  I’m not a paedophile.

Remember the Murphy Report, do you?   Remember all these bishops talking about how they finally got sense and started to cooperate with the authorities?

That was how long ago?  Oh, let’s see now.  Two months ago?

As recently as two months ago, they were telling us that they got sense by the end of the 90s and started to cooperate with the police.

Now we have a case of Patrick Hughes, jailed yesterday by the Circuit Criminal Court for abusing a child, and the police gave evidence that when they sought the help of the Church authorities in locating the abuser, they were given the run-around.

Was this in the eighties?


Was it in the nineties?

No.  It was eight years ago that a member of the All-Priests Synchronised Formation Child-Abusing Team was shielded by those who run the Dublin diocese.  Shielded from the police and the courts.  According to Hughes’s own lawyer, the church authorities were reluctant to deal with the matter in a candid fashion.

This is a man who thinks abusing an altar-boy is not paedophilia.

Once again, the Catholic bishops have lied barefaced to the Irish people, and once again they have shown that they do not understand how child-abuse could be a crime.

As I have said before,  these are the people in charge of most primary schools in this little republic  of ours.


Bishop Murray Takes One For The Team

Bishop Dónal Murray resigned this morning without accepting any responsibility for the wrongdoings exposed by  the Murphy report.  In line with a carefully-thought-out tactic, Murray’s speech concentrated on the victims of clerical sexual abuse.

I know full well that my resignation cannot undo the pain that survivors of abuse have suffered in the past and continue to suffer each day.  I humbly apologise once again to all who were abused as little children.  To all survivors of abuse I repeat that my primary concern is to assist in every way that I can, on their journey towards finding closure and serenity.

… I believe that my presence will create difficulties for some of the survivors who must have first place in our thoughts and prayers.

… We are meant to be bearers of that hope to one another and especially to people whose trust was betrayed when they were just little children and who endured the terror, helplessness and suffering inflicted by a frightening and dominant adult. They should always have a special place in our prayers.

Very good, you might be thinking.  At last he’s facing up to reality.

I’m afraid not.

The Murphy report is not about clerical sexual abuse.  It’s about the way the bishops handled complaints of these crimes.  It’s about the fact that they ignored and dismissed victims.  It’s about putting protection of the church ahead of the victims’ welfare.  It’s about concealing crimes.  It’s about a cover-up.

Remember the mandate of the Commission as quoted in their report:

The Dublin Archdiocese Commission of Investigation was established to report on the handling by Church and State authorities of a representative sample of allegations and suspicions of child sexual abuse against clerics operating under the aegis of the Archdiocese of Dublin over the period 1975 to 2004.

There’s one major element missing from Donal Murray’s statement: any acknowledgement that he personally bears responsibility for anything at all.

This is the statement of a man who simply doesn’t get it.  He genuinely cannot see that the public pressure is on him because of his inexcusable failures.

Yesterday, Thomas Naughton, a priest of the Dublin diocese, was jailed for abusing children, and we now know that if Murray had acted on complaints against this individual, many children would have escaped the sexual abuse he inflicted on them.

It’s for these failures and this lack of moral compass that Murray has been vilified, and in his statement, we can see a clear strategy, as devised and imposed by the Vatican’s man, Diarmuid Martin.  Keep the spotlight on the victims.  Keep apologising for the abuse.  Keep attention away from the findings of a cover-up in the Murphy report.

Diarmuid Martin is a clever man, and I commend him for it.  A very clever man.

What else would you expect from the brother of the Irish Times Moscow correspondent?  Two smart boys, Diarmuid and Séamus, and two likeable fellows, what’s more.

I find Diarmuid Martin engaging.  I like his humility.  I like his normality.  I doubt very much if Diarmuid Martin would expect the faithful to bend the knee to him or treat him as any sort of prince, much less a prince of the church.   It isn’t his style.

I would share a pint with Diarmuid Martin any time he likes, in the confident expectation of entertaining company and a good night of laughter and storytelling.

Not only that, but I imagine Diarmuid Martin is as horrified and repulsed by the activities of Catholic clergy as I am and as you are.  I imagine he wants, in his private moments, to strangle the life out of the abusers who tortured our children.

Archbishop Diarmuid Martin is a decent man, a human being with nieces and nephews, and perhaps even children of his own.  Who knows?  It isn’t a crime.  To that extent, I find myself on the same side as him.

He understands my  rage at these perverts and I understand his.

However, there’s another side to Diarmuid Martin   You see, before he was parachuted into the Dublin diocese, Diarmuid Martin was a trusted member of the Vatican inner circle, a diplomat and a canny operator.  It was not by accident that the Vatican decided to place him in Dublin.

Diarmuid Martin was placed in his current position because Rome knew there was a public-relations disaster in the making and Martin was the right man to limit the damage. The Catholic church in Ireland was exposed as little more than a paedophile ring.   Cardinal Desmond Connell and his predecessors had failed  miserably to comprehend that raping a child is a crime, and had colluded in protecting the rapists.  Now there was nothing for it but to put in a man with a safe pair of hands and so they sent in one of their shrewdest operators.

Diarmuid Martin is the Harvey Keitel to the church’s Pulp Fiction.  He’s there to hose down the goons and clean up the crime scene.  He’s there to ensure that the Catholic church in Ireland retains as much of its secular power as possible, and if that means straight talking and kicking a few made men out of a speeding car well and good. What has to be done will be done to protect the Family.

This is why Murray made his begrudging, self-pitying speech of resignation through gritted teeth.  Martin was standing behind him with a knife at his ribs, and you can expect another few goons to quit over coming days.

It isn’t about the victims.  It’s about holding on to power.


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IT Development Bishop Guys’, Like, Memo?

Parallel universes.

What if the Catholic hierarchy were in IT?

I asked Kae Verens to put himself there, and this internal memo is what he came up with.


Hi guys,

sorry about those glitches recently reported in the XIAN engine! I’m afraid we’ve only just managed to work the bugs out of the systems and these should /hopefully/ not happen again.

Basically, what was happening is that we would receive some processes from
local systems (the parent systems were not up to the job or didn’t have the
resources, etc), and before these new child processes had been fully initialised, they were being forced to fork. And even if the forking wasn’tsuccessful, their internal states were getting a little screwed up because of the misuse.

Obviously, this meant that when those processes were later used in external systems, there were some problems with their stability.

These glitches had not been fixed before because “the boys upstairs”, although aware of them, were more interested in the system market-share than in quality control.

This has all gone public, though, so we’ve been ordered to take care of it and make sure it doesn’t happen again.

If you read their emails earlier, you’ll see that they’re blaming us for this snafu… see particularly the line that reads “we, as managers apologise for the behaviour of our admins”, LOL!!

Anyway – we’re distributing a new framework called POPE 2.0 beta (“Push
Our Policies on Everyone” 2.0 – which should be used from now on. This has some fairlystandard algorithms which check for misuse of system resources, which/really/ should have been put in place ages ago. But hey, bottom dollar!

So guys, let’s get this framework in place, and ask our users to forget about the problems with the systems that we’ve had – we promise that there are no bugs in the process now! (rotfl!)

If anyone outside asks about it, just say that those problems were withthe /old/ system which ran under a legacy system, BISHOP  3.7 – a bad policy, maybe, but it was fun while it lasted), and that the new system is much better and they should really upgrade…



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Foreign Agents Cover Up Child Abuse in Ireland

The Commission of Investigation wrote to the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith (CDF) in the Vatican asking for its help.  It needed information about concealment of a multiple crime by agents of the Vatican.  The CDF, formerly known as the Holy Inquisition, headed by Josef Ratzinger until he became Pope, ignored the letter.

The Commission also wrote to the Papal Nuncio, who is the Vatican’s ambassador to Ireland, seeking similar assistance.  He also ignored the request.

Subsequently, the Vatican complained to the Irish government that the Commission had breached protocol by not making the inquiries through diplomatic channels.

This is false.

The Commission is not a government body and has no business using governmental channels to pursue its inquiries.

What we can see clearly is that the Catholic church considers itself to be a foreign State for the purposes of inquiries into crime. It has said so explicitly in regard to the Commission’s requests for information.

We also know that the hierarchy’s first sworn allegiance is to their church.

We can deduce therefore that the Catholic hierarchy in Ireland are agents of a foreign State whose main loyalty is not to Ireland.

Therefore, we can say that many of our schools, hospitals and third level institutions are controlled by a foreign State.

We can also say categorically that these agents of a foreign State participated in the concealment of a widespread and long-lasting crime, not only in Dublin but throughout the country.

If these things had been done by representatives of any other foreign State, and if a judicial inquiry had been rebuffed in such a manner by that State, its diplomats would be expelled forthwith, and the government would immediately sever all diplomatic ties.

So why not the Vatican?



The Irish Times reaches the same conclusion.


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Crime Religion

The Ballad of Bishop Murray

I just thought I should write something silly, so here’s …


The Ballad of Bishop Murray

Out here in the West, where a man does his best

To survive in the rain and the snow,

It’s always been told that you’ll never strike gold

If you don’t know the places to go.

Now the Last Chance Saloon’s always full before noon

And the whiskey runs free as a river.

Never let it be said that a man went to bed

Without tryin’ to pickle his liver.

When the sun starts to fade and and the tables are laid

And the gals with their beaux come along,

The old piano-man stands and starts wavin’ his hands,

He says, “Boys let me talk you a song”,

And we shudder in fear at the story we hear,

It’s a tale of deceivin’ and lies,

How a man came to town in a cape and a gown

With a dangerous glint in his eyes.

The storm was a-howlin’, old-timers were scowlin’.

Such weather they never did see.

And the hailstones were tappin’ like Satan was snappin’

His knuckles and laughin’ with glee.

Then one-eyed old Nell rang the grubbin’ up bell

But the diners went all of a scurry

When in from the dark came a man with a mark –

The hombre they call Bishop Murray.


Out here in the West there are names that are best

Never spoken out loud or in song

And the Bishop is one you don’t talk of in fun

If you plan to be livin’ for long.

Now they told in times past of a gun-hand so fast

It could out-strike a rattler snake.

He won many a bet, and fifty men met

Their demise in a mustang-tail’s shake.

Some people would joke when he came to be spoke

Of as Bishop but yet it felt right.

He was raw, he was mean, he was vicious and lean,

He could stand like a dog in a fight.

He could quote Holy Verse, but in whiskey he’d curse

Like a sailor out paintin’ the town,

He could doctor a sheep, and put children to sleep

He could argue a duck from its down.

And though nobody knew where he came from, it’s true,

They could all see a man who was clever

And they knew by the grip of the gun on his hip

That the time to resist him was never.

Now there stood at the bar a man with a scar

All darkened and hidden in shade.

His red hat was pulled down, it was bent at the crown.

On his belt hung the tools of his trade.

“Two fingers of rye”,  said the Bishop, “I’ll buy

You a whiskey, now pilgrim sit down.

For I’m anxious to know how a stranger might blow

Like a tumbleweed into my town”.

The stranger stood back and unfolded his pack

And he spread it all out on the table.

“There’s a deputy’s star, a bible, a jar

of gold dust, and a bill from the stable.

“You skedaddled that night and you left me to fight

Do you recognise these for your own?”

Then he threw off his hat, “You despicable rat,

Make your play, for your cover is blown.”

Well the Bishop was fast and the crowd was aghast.

His hand flew so quick it was blurry,

But the stranger was quicker, his action was slicker,

And he outdrew the dread Bishop Murray.

“I’ll give you one final chance”, said the stranger, askance,

“Though you made us look bad. I should kill.

By my grace you’re alive,  and this Colt forty-five

Is what stands between you and Boot Hill.”

Then he turned his back and he shouldered his pack

And he pushed through the crowd for the door.

“Dermot Martin’s the name, trouble-shootin’s my game.

So get gone.  I’ll be back here at four”.

Never known for a fool, Bishop Murray stayed cool,

This wasn’t the time to draw down

On a stranger with eyes that could see through the lies

Of a man in a cape and a gown.

When the stranger rode out there was no-one to shout,

For they’d all seen the Bishop outdrawn.

His name fell to dust.  It was gone in a gust

Like the smoke from a pistol at dawn.

Well he stood there a while, then he cracked half a smile

And he dropped a gold pouch at his feet.

He said, “This is my lot.  All the killers I shot

Are standin’ out there in the street.

“So it’s whiskey all round, I’ll be eastern-bound

To account for my bad-livin’ habits.”

Then the piano was plinkin’ as the crowd set to drinkin’

And dancin’ like crazy jackrabbits.

Any man who was there would be willin’ to swear

That the Bishop was startin’ to pray.

And the piano man knew of the shadows that flew

Through the window and took him away.


Now nobody talks of the creatures that stalked

On the boardwalk. It isn’t a worry.

There was only one man that they had in their plan.

The hombre they called Bishop Murray.


Dublin Diocese Commission Abuse Report

The Dublin Diocese Commission report is ready and when published it will cause an earthquake. It will expose the collusion, callousness, self-interest and downright sleaziness of the Catholic bishops in Ireland. It will expose their lack of moral authority and their unsuitability to hold any position of power, especially when that power concerns defenceless children. It will reveal their conscious protection of clerical rapists and their deliberate concealment of grave crimes in order to protect their own positions and the institution they serve.

They couldn’t believe it when Diarmuid Martin decided to cooperate with the investigation.

They were speechless.

Old whey-faced creeping-jesus Desmond Connell was so appalled that he took Archbishop Martin to court in an attempt to prevent him from handing over confidential papers containing information about child abuse in the diocese.

Can you imagine his horror? Can you imagine his bafflement?

Can you imagine how he felt at the thought that lay people – the unanointed – would dare to question his princely, haughty, unfeeling, soulless, theoretical insipid, arrogant wisdom? This man, and all his bishop colleagues have been subject to a shared delusion, unchallenged for decades, that they have any authority whatever in this country. And successive governments have given them every reason to believe that they hold temporal sway over our fragile democracy.

After all, didn’t deValera give old John Charles McQuaid a veto over what went into the Constitution and what did not? And isn’t it ironic that McQuaid is one of the 19 bishops investigated in the report?

Archbishop Diarmuid Martin was put in place to manage a disaster created by his predecessors. He’s a pragmatist, unlike his colleagues who are, by and large, a bunch of pompous fools. A bunch of pompous, self-interested, unprincipled fools who just happen to control a large part of our education and health services.


It’s now the end of November and we still haven’t seen the report.

Lumps of it have been censored to avoid prejudicing court proceedings against a priest and his brother. Even more worryingly, publication of Chapter 20 has been restricted since a prosecution was initiated against another priest.  Chapter 20 contains severe criticism of an Garda Síochána, an organisation that gave the Catholic church a special status above the law and failed to prosecute any of their child-abusing priests.   This prosecution, which had the effect of silencing criticism of the Gardai, was only initiated in recent weeks, raising suspicions that elements of the police force don’t want the report published.


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Crime Favourites Religion Scandal

What Is Desmond Connell Trying To Keep Secret?

So he’s trying to stop them reading the file, is he?

The Government set up a commission of investigation in 2006 to examine how the Church dealt with allegations of sexual abuse against children, over a period of nearly thirty years. And to his credit, the affable but shrewd Archbishop Diarmuid Martin duly handed over all the files he had, without comment or question: 66,583 documents in all.

Now, however, his predecessor wants to prevent the commission from having access to some of the documents on those files, and he’s taking a High Court action to stop them, claiming that the documents are protected by lawyer-client privilege.


What is the Cardinal so afraid of? Can he not stand over every single action recorded on those files, as the rest of us have to do in our professional lives? It would appear that he doesn’t see the need to bend his princely neck before this commission of lumpenprole upstarts who dare question his authority, but of course, Des is no stranger to hubris, or to arrogance.

Now look. I have to be honest here and say that I do not like Desmond Connell one little bit. As a man, he’s cold, unfeeling and condescending. He’s remote and has no understanding of what it is to be a living human being. But apart from that, he’s probably all right.

Priests of the Dublin diocese systematically raped and abused children for decades and their bosses did nothing to stop them. Rapist-priests were moved from parish to unsuspecting parish, raping children wherever they went, and the Church authorities did absolutely nothing about it.

Complaints by victims were received with frosty condescension or empty platitudes and the rapes went on.

The abused became the ignored.

As the Church authorities asked themselves how they could best protect themselves from these impudent rape victims, the bastards continued abusing children.

Bastards like Father Ivan Payne, who served the last seven years of his ministry under Archbishop Desmond Connell. Among his other crimes Payne sexually abused the sick children in the hospital where he was chaplain.

In 1993, he paid £30,000 to one of his victims, funded by a loan from the diocese, and when RTE revealed this, Archbishop Desmond Connell threatened to sue them, denying that any loan had ever been made. Payne went on to serve a further two years as a priest under Connell.

This pervert, Payne, was also delegated by the Church to deal with couples seeking Church annulments, inquiring into the most intimate details of their married lives. Can you imagine how soiled those people must feel now?

Payne was convicted in 1998 on thirteen sample charges involving nine boys and sentenced to 4½ years in prison. Six months per raped child.

Bastards like Father Thomas Naughton, jailed in 1998 for child sexual abuse. Naughton abused the children of three separate parishes throughout the eighties, and though frequent complaints were made to the Church authorities, they did nothing about the rapist they employed.

Naughton worked in Nigeria and Grenada, where there were no controls on sexually abusing missionaries, and came back to Ireland in 1976.  He then worked in a number of Dublin parishes, abusing children everywhere he went.  In 1984, a former policeman told Bishop Donal Murray that he was a rampant sexual abuser — a worrying fact in itself.  You would have thought that a policeman, of all people, would have approached the civil authorities, but that was Ireland it seems, at that time, not so long ago.

What do you think happened?  Did the Bishop remove this pervert from contact with children and call the police?  No.  He assigned him to a new parish, where the raping pervert was put in charge of altar boys, some of whom he raped.  Of course.

His employers, the Dublin diocese, then sent him to a treatment centre of sorts, in England.  His counsellors believed he had no understanding that his actions were wrong, which of course makes him a dangerous psychopath, but that didn’t stop the Catholic Church authorities assigning him to a new parish in Dublin, where of course he raped more kids.

Bastards like Father Paul McGennis, who also abused children at the hospital, and elsewhere. When Marie Collins complained about her abuse, the diocese refused to confirm to police that McGennis had admitted carrying out the rapes. Later, Desmond Connell told Marie Collins he wouldn’t cooperate with the police investigation, even though the Catholic bishops had very clear guidelines about reporting sexual abuse to the authorities. In Connell’s view, they were only “guidelines”, and he didn’t have to follow them if, in his infinite arrogance, he didn’t feel like it. The gobshite.

Bastards like Father Noel Reynolds who was abusing children in Glendalough when parents and a fellow priest reported him to the Archbishop. He was immediately moved to the National Rehabilitation Hospital, as Catholic chaplain, but nobody told the hospital he was an active child-rapist, or even that there was a question about him. After he left the hospital chaplaincy, he admitted to abusing 100 children in eight different parishes, and I’m sorry to say the bastard is now dead, when he should be suffering every day at the hands of some psychotic pervert-hating Turkish jailer.

Do you notice anything missing from this?

Of course.

What’s absent is any sense that the Catholic Church authorities thought the police had any sort of role in child rape.  These people didn’t think child rape was all that serious a matter.  It was more a spiritual aberration than a crime in the view of these demented clerics.  These emotionally-retarded celibates who had never in their entire lives taken responsibility for child, wife, or home.  These pricks who had never held their own newborn offspring, loved it and knew they would defend it to the death, like a real man.  Appalling old fuckers who had never, for even a treasured weekend, had an intimate relationship with another human being, man or woman.  These sad old arseholes who had never once in their miserable lives been properly laid or seduced.  These angry, authoritarian, frustrated gobshites who wouldn’t understand what it is to be a real man if that understanding walked up and punched them in the face.

That’s the sort of emotionally retarded fool who thought they knew better than the fully-rounded people of this land.  Fools like the successive Archbishops of Dublin.  Sad, limited old fools like Cardinal Desmond Connell, a distinguished  Professor of Philosophy but a man with no knowledge of humanity.  How sad.

This is some of the background to Connell’s action in the High Court. He wants the files on these crimes filleted and I’d love to know what he’s afraid of. As well as being a personal tragedy for the victims, it’s a PR disaster for the Catholic church, and for the life of me, I can’t see what Connell hopes to achieve.

No matter what way the High Court decides, Connell will be the ultimate loser, but I can say this: it shows you the way some of these old boys think.

They haven’t gone away, you know.


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