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Eleven questions the media might ask President of Renua, Eddie Hobbs (but probably won’t)

Eleven questions the media might ask President of Renua, Eddie Hobbs (but probably won’t)

  • How much money was lost by investors in the Cape Verde holiday home debacle?
  • How much money has Eddie earned from work for the public sector broadcaster, RTE?
  • Does he still believe that the female-dominated teachers unions voted as they did on the Haddington Road agreement because it was their time of the month?
  • Does he have any moral qualms about investing in repossessed property in Detroit?
  • Will he be engaging in similar vulture-fund activities in Ireland?
  • Does he share the views of Billy Timmins, the deputy leader of Renua, that rough sleeping should be made illegal?
  • Are there any other sectors of the economy, apart from public sector workers, who should see a wage freeze?
  • Given the fact that he is now a public figure and president of a political party with representatives in the national parliament, will he provide a full accounting of all investments and debts he holds so we can be sure he is free of any question of potential conflicts of interest?
  • Does he agree with the party’s consummate media performer, Terence Flanagan, that water protestors should have their social welfare payments cut?
  • How much money has he personally taken from the Brendan Investments property fund ?

Eddie is now a public figure. Its good that he and others have founded a party since we need diversity of opinion. But he comes off as cranky, thin-skinned and evasive.

It’s hard to see him lasting…


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