Mu-ga-be [moo-gah-bey] ââ€â€œverb trans. (used with object) to take something in good condition and make a complete shit of it : I installed Windows Vista and it Mugabed my computer […]

Investment Opportunities

I was just sitting down to contemplate the mysteries of a solid black pint of Guinness when Jimbo walked in. He was wearing the sly little smirk that tells you […]


Goddammit, where are you? I paced the floor anxiously as Ireland’s hopefuls faced up to the worst that Argentina could throw at them. Where the hell are you, damn you! […]

Irish Election Count

Irish Election Count

You can follow the count here Even this early in the day, it looks as though the people have voted for another four years of being robbed blind and taken […]

Voting Day

Right. It’s done. I cast my vote, and fun it was too, I can tell you. Here’s how I dispensed my Single Transferable Vote in order of preference: 1.   […]

General Election

I’m glad this is nearly over. I’m so glad, I’ve even stopped kicking my dog and making disparaging remarks about tinkers Travellers. This stupid election has turned me into a […]

Irish General Election

I see our government has decided to go to the country. Great. Time to start torturing those political reptiles that call to your door once every four years. After all, […]