Isn’t it good to see that the newspapers are still reporting the rape of Ireland’s natural resources?

Who knew that anyone remembered how we gave away our fisheries?  Even more surprisingly, in the face of massive governmental pressure, what brave journalists are still willing to speak out about the blatant theft of our energy resources?

It’s not often these days that you pick up a newspaper to be reminded of how Ray Burke gave oil companies liberty to remove 100% of Ireland’s energy resources without paying us anything in return.  It isn’t common to see reports of how Bertie Ahern reduced the taxation on foreign energy companies.  You’ll search far and wide to read about how Ireland has the most favourable terms in the whole world for energy companies.

Well done, that fearless journalist in, eh, Süddeutsche Zeitung.

Under the simple headline, Conned!, referring to the now-notorious Anglo tapes, one of Germany’s leading quality papers remarks that they are just one part of an elite that shamelessly exploits the island.

German outrage at the theft of Ireland’s resources is in severe contrast to the craven defence of this asset stripping offered by a Labour (!) deputy prime minister, Pat Rabbitte, who huffed and puffed as only he can, as if he understood the first thing about energy.

mayo gas robbery

Paradoxically, it seems that exposure of the banking chicanery might finally throw light on a far bigger scandal: the gift of our natural resources to foreign interests by two thoroughly discredited politicians, for reasons best known to themselves.  Let’s not be embarrassed by the crass singing of a Nazi song on one of the tapes.  Instead, let’s push this story far and wide.  It might finally blast open the disgraceful appropriation of our children’s future for small-minded personal advantage.

And since we’re on the subject of inquiries, let’s look into this scandal, which dwarfs anything that happened in Anglo.


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The Pipe

This is the story of how the Irish government helped a multinational company  to brutalise and intimidate a peaceful rural Irish community so that it could steal the energy resources of a small nation.

Watch it and be angry.

Then be very angry.

Then start working to take back what they have stolen from us.



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The Oil Company, The Crooked Politician and the Theft of Ireland’s Energy Resources

Shell Exploration Steals Irish Economy

Finding 2 Billion Euros

Corrib Pipeline Protests

The Oil Company, The Crooked Politician and the Theft of Ireland’s Energy Resources


Question for Your Politician

This is the question I’m going to ask canvassers in the National Interview.  I think it summarises all that’s wrong with political control of this country

Can you explain why Norway is a partner in the Corrib gas consortium but Ireland is not?

That’s it.  I have no more to add.


Selling the Family Silver

I hear the government (otherwise known as “those fucking chancers”) have appointed Colm “Snip” McCarthy to value all our State assets with a view to selling them off.

This is to pay the costs incurred by their pals Seanie Fitz, FIngers Fingleton and the rest of the bankers who owned Fianna Fáil and its ministers until they went bust gambling on a giant Ponzi scheme.  You might remember Bernie Madoff went to jail in America for doing something similar.

As December approaches, with the need for €3 billion in further cuts, the government (TFC) are trying to see what they can flog, and so far have come up with a shortlist of  candidates, including the ESB, Bord Gáis and the Dublin Airport Authority, which also owns and mismanages Shannon Airport.

This government, as you know, has a glorious record of success in selling off and otherwise manipulating State assets.  For example, when they floated Telecom Éireann, this country was at the leading edge of digital telephony.  We rebuilt our phone system from scratch in the Eighties and Nineties, with the result that we possessed the most modern network in the world, and what happened then?  Thanks to a decision by this government to sell off our brand new telecomms network just as the internet was about to take off, we have no broadband backbone.  We lack the vital communications infrastructure necessary to compete with such developed economies as Ulan Bator, Burkina Faso and Somalia.

They sold off Aer Lingus, a company built using your money and mine.  Relieved of any social responsibility, the newly-private company promptly dumped on Shannon Airport and then rounded on its employees with savage cuts.

They excelled themselves by giving away the gas from the  Corrib field.  They sent a battalion of police to defend the Shell construction site, beating protestors out of the way and jailing some of them.  For what – royalties?  No. Not a penny in royalties.  Profit-sharing? No.  Shell get it all.  Cheaper gas? No – we pay full price for our gas.  First call on the energy supply?  No.  Shell can send the gas straight to China if they wish.  For what then?  Guess.

They gave a billion euros of your money to build a national resource, a children’s hospital, which will be controlled by the people who used to employ Bertie as a book-keeper — the Mercy nuns.  They gave another billion or more to pay the costs of those same nuns and their cronies in the residential child abuse scandal.

However, there’s nothing new about this crowd of crooks giving away State assets.  As I often told you before, they gave all our quarries to Tom Roche so that he and his brother could set up Roadstone and sell the County Councils’ own stone back to them, while quietly lining Fianna Fáil ministers’ pockets at the same time.

They built a gigantic motorway, the M50, at each side of the Liffey, using public money, and allowed a private company to build a bridge and collect all the toll money.

There is nothing this crowd won’t do.  Nothing they won’t debase, soil or abuse.

They will sell anything they can get their hands on if they think it will bring them short-term political advantage.  They care nothing for the future.

Watch them carefully now as they look around for things to sell off so they can announce smaller tax increases in the budget.  I’m telling you, nothing is safe.  They’ll sell off RTÉ, though that might be no harm.  They’ll sell the postal service.  They’ll sell forestries, schools, hospitals.  They’ll sell the air and the water.   Get used to breathing less oxygen unless you’re prepared to pay.

I’m telling you now: there’s nothing this crowd of imbeciles won’t sink to, so brace yourself, Nora!


Magic Solution To Irish Budget Problem

I’m a genius.

I’ve just come up with the answer to all our budgetary problems, and how often does that happen?  How often does a private citizen solve the entire fiscal difficulties of a small country?

Rarely, you might suggest.  Very rarely indeed, but here it is.

The government is preparing the Budget from Hell.  They’re going to cut 4 bilion this year, 4 billion the year after, 4 billion the year after that and 2 billion in the final year.

Savage cuts for a small country.  Cuts that could well provoke a breakdown in civil society, with the army on  the streets and protesters interned.  Water cannon.  Molotov cocktails.

You don’t believe me?

Right.  Well, let’s wait and see.  If I were you, I’d have Plan B ready, involving a rapid midnight flight to the nearest uninvolved jurisdiction.

But happily, none of that needs to happen, because I’ve identified a source of all the money we need to save Ireland, and it’s right here on our doorstep.

You see, according to the most recent estimates, we have 14 billion euros worth of natural gas under the sea in the Corrib gas field, so we can use that to pay off our debts, can’t we?

Well no, actually, because Bertie Ahern and Ray Burke signed a deal handing the whole fucking lot to a  Dutch and a  Norwegian company, while giving the Irish taxpayer precisely nothing in return.

Wasn’t that smart of clever old Bertie and crooked old Ray?

Not a single penny for all our gas.  Not even a guarantee that we get first call on it.

Watch as our gas is taken from the ground, protected by policemen paid for by your taxes, and sent to Russia.

Watch as old-age pensioners carry the burden of the bank bailout while thousands of millions of our natural resources are given away for nothing to a vast multinational energy consortium.

How will you feel about that as you lie on your hospital trolley when there’s no money for a bed in a ward or a doctor to treat you?

Will you feel proud to be Irish?


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Ireland’s Billions Given Away For Nothing

While you become ever poorer due to increased taxes, the government is quietly giving away billions worth of natural resources to a private company.  In fact the government is giving away enough money to rescue our economy, and there seems to be no explanation for it.

I’ve been talking about this for a long time, but if you don’t believe me, maybe you should have a look at this report in the Irish Times.

You are paying for hundreds of police to protect the Shell construction site in Mayo so that a multinational company can take billions of euros worth of our gas and give us not a penny in return.

Why?  At a time when we need every cent we can scrape together, why is this happening?



Shell Exploration Steals Irish Economy

Finding 2 Billion Euros

Corrib Pipeline Protests

The Oil Company, The Crooked Politician and the Theft of Ireland’s Energy Resources

Crime Favourites

Shell Exploration Steals Irish Economy

Let’s get some of the facts straight about the Rossport case.

There is no reason to take gas from the Corrib field now.  It’s cheaper for us to buy it from Scotland and leave our own gas in the ground until we need it.

We are receiving no royalties for the gas that Shell E&P extracts from beneath our territorial waters.  Not one penny. We’ll pay top dollar for our own gas — more than we’ll pay to get gas from Britain.


This is the agreement that convicted criminal Ray Burke signed with Shell, aided and abetted by Bertie Ahern.  The Corrib Field is worth €14 billion and every penny of it is going to Shell, instead of rescuing our crashed economy, because a crooked energy minister signed our natural resources over to a bunch of international thieves.

In most civilised societies, this would be known as treason.

Shell E&P got the government to issue compulsory purchase orders so that they could run their pipeline through private land.  When the landowners refused to comply with this order, and defied the courts’ decision to force the pipeline across their land, they were jailed.

Last week, one of the protesters  was beaten up by thugs on the payroll of  Shell.  What’s more, our police issued false statements supporting the Shell version of the attack on Willie Corduff.

Here, right now, today, in this country, a foreign company is able to maintain a private army, capable of beating up our citizens, unhindered by our police force.

They’re taking €14 billion from you and from your children, and this government is doing all in its power to assist them.  Why?

Why not renege on the agreement and tell them we want a new, better deal?

What are they going to do — sue us?

If we were able to renege on the employment contracts of nurses and firemen, surely we can renegotiate a contract that gives away all of our vital natural resources to a foreign company for nothing except a brown bag full of money in some public toilet.

Be angry.  Be very angry and ask the next Fianna Fáil canvassers who call to your door why their party gave away your wealth to some foreign carpet-bagger.  Ask them if it was because somebody received a payment to sell his country down the river.

Ask them if they’d consider that to be treason.  Then ask them why they still call themselves a republican party.


Retired Garda chief joins security firm


Questions For Fianna Fáil Election Candidates

Ned O’Keeffe and his band of shuffling lickspittles were doing the rounds this morning, pressing the flesh and forcing themselves on law-abiding people. They even had the gall to invade my morning sanctuary, Nancy Blake’s, as I tried to read my paper in peace.

Ned, as you might be aware, is a bumbling waffler who represents Cork East in the Dáil. Now he’s running for the European Parliament as an official National Embarrassment. He’s a gobshite of the first rank who hasn’t two straight ideas to rub together. A cunning, self-interested pig farmer without principle or insight.

Why would we send such gobshites to Europe to represent us?

Have we nothing better than this shambling goon to send out there? What must people think of us when we put forward zombie politicians who can barely speak any language at all, and who know nothing about anything except how to pull strokes for their cronies.

Is it any wonder they look at Ireland askance when the best we can do is to send fools like Ned O’Keeffe to fly the flag in Brussels?

As Ned left the pub, he offered me a leaflet. I was so relieved to see him going that I forgot my manners and didn’t attack him with a full broadside of insults and accusations. The best I could manage was a quiet fuck off and shove your fucking leaflet you fucking crook.

For this, I am truly ashamed and apologise you. I’ll do better next time.

However, if I had my wits about me, I might have asked him my standard list of questions, the things I throw at ever Fianna Fáil person I meet.

I should have asked him the following questions.

– Since the public finances are so dire, could you please tell me the value of the gas in the Corrib Field?

Answer: €14 billion.

– Could you please tell me how much of that money goes back to the government from Shell E&P, the exploration company extracting the gas?

Answer: Nothing.

– How much was paid in bribes to secure this deal?

Answer: Peanuts for monkeys.

– Would you mind telling me how much money in compensation has been paid out as a result of sexual abuse by the clergy?

Answer: €1.2 billion

– Would you now tell me how much of that cost has been paid by the Catholic church?

Answer: Nothing.

– How much of that money has been paid by the taxpayer?

Answer: All of it.

– Who negotiated this deal for the clergy?

Answer: One of Bertie Ahern’s former employers, Sr Helena O’Donoghue.

– Why is our national broadband so bad?

Answer: Because Fianna Fáil gave our communications infrastructure to asset strippers.

– Why is the Fianna Fáil government adding €70 billion to the national debt to bail out the bankers?

Answer: Because the bankers own the property developers and the property developers own Fianna Fáil.

– Why did your government decide to put the national children’s hospital in the most inaccessible and cramped location, at the Mater hospital in North inner-city Dublin, even though they were offered a free greenfield site near the junction of two major motorways?

Answer: Because the Mater hospital belongs to Bertie Ahern’s former employers, the Mercy order of Nuns.

– Why did your party give tax breaks to property developers to build ghost housing estates all over the country at a time when the economy was already booming?

Answer: Because the builders bribed them to do it.

– When are you going to challenge the vested interests in medicine and the legal professions that have this country in a stranglehold of restrictive practices?

Answer: Never.

– Why did Bertie Ahern call us Luddites when we questioned the reliability of his stupid e-voting machines?

Answer: Because Fianna Fáil has no respect for democracy.

– How much did those machines cost?

Answer: €52 million.

– What would €52 million pay for?

Answer: 52 schools. A top-class cystic fibrosis unit. Special needs assistants for all children in need of them.

– What progress has your government made in developing wind power and wave power in ireland?

Answer: None.

And finally, Ned, a simple one.

– What is the internet?


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Budget 2009 — My suggestions

Thanks to Marian Finucane for coining the word of the decade.


That’s what we’re facing tomorrow, I’m afraid, and that’s not just a figure of speech.  I really am afraid.  The incompetent, corrupt bastards who got us into this mess are now handing us a tub of Vaseline and inviting us to bend over.

They’re looking for â€3.5 billion.

Here’s my two budget suggestions: take back from the Catholic Church the â€1.5 billion this government paid on behalf of clergy who abused children while they contributed almost nothing.

Take the â€13 billion that the Corrib Gas Field is worth, and which Shell E&P is being given for nothing because of a crooked deal with two crooked government ministers, Ray Burke and Bertie Ahern.

Why not?  If all workers have to accept pay cuts, and if nurses and firemen have to pay pension levies, why shouldn’t a gigantic energy company pay its fair share at a time of national crisis?  Tear up the contract and make them pay.  If they refuse, tell them to fuck off.

Oops!  That’s nearly â€15 billion without removing a single carer’s allowance. 


Meanwhile, David McWilliams puts his finger on the gigantic scam that the government is about to perpetrate in order to bail out their banking pals at your expense.



Sunday Tribune

Head Rambles

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Corrib Pipeline Protests

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The Feast of the Blessed Condescension

Oh, the Sisters of Mercy, they are not departed or gone.



Finding 2 Billion Euros

The government has gone into an agonising series of negotiations with the unions and representatives of business, frantically trying to cut back 2 billion euros from public expenditure this year.

It’s a desperate situation, and all bets are off. All contracts are out the window. Everyone has to give something back. Everyone has to take some pain, we’re told.

Everyone, that is, except the bankers whose criminal greed got us into this mess. They’ll be all right because the government will reach into your pension fund and give them your money to bail them out. And then the government will increase your taxes to give the bankers some more money. And then they’ll cut the services you get — services that were already inadequate compared to most European countries.

I have a couple of suggestions that might save them a lot of trouble.

You remember that deal with the Catholic church? The government paid 1.2 billion to people abused by religious orders, and the church paid one tenth of that figure.

Take it back from the church. Take back the whole lot from the people who did the abusing, and there you have 1.2 billion straight away. If they complain, tell them we live in a changed world and the country is in trouble. Remind them of their duty.

Then, when we’ve taken back that money, let’s go and talk to Shell Oil. Let’s tell them the gas in the Corrib field belongs to us, the Irish people, and if they want it they’ll have to pay for it, instead of taking it free, as agreed by the crooked minister of the day, Ray Burke. If they complain, tell them we live in a changed world and the country is in trouble. Remind them of their duty.

What’ll we call that? Let’s say 14 billion.

Excellent. There’s fifteen billion saved without having to sack a single street-sweeper, nurse or fireman.



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