e-Voting Fiasco – Some Questions

The electronic voting machines are being scrapped because they don’t work. They don’t do their job. The results can’t be verified, the machines are vulnerable to hacking and the system […]


I was studying an ATM, trying to figure out how to type a message. Fuck you Brian Goggin! Fuck you Seán Fitzpatrick! Fuck you, Eugene Sheehy! Fuck you, Fingers Fingleton! […]

Voting Day

Right. It’s done. I cast my vote, and fun it was too, I can tell you. Here’s how I dispensed my Single Transferable Vote in order of preference: 1.   […]

General Election

I’m glad this is nearly over. I’m so glad, I’ve even stopped kicking my dog and making disparaging remarks about tinkers Travellers. This stupid election has turned me into a […]