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Since we’re on a roll with this religious thing, let me just remind you that today is the Feast of the Beheading of Saint John the Baptist.

See? Those Catholics will celebrate anything as long as there’s a few drinks involved, though I’m not so sure about the Baptists. I don’t know if they celebrate the Holy Beheading. In fact, I’m not sure if they celebrate at all. Ever.

Poor old John the Baptist. Just your average religious maniac who happened to get involved with the wrong Latvian hooker and got whacked by the Russian Mafia.

I’m going to the pub right now to get off my head. It’s my little collapsed-Catholic way of showing solidarity with Saint John the Unskulled.



Fired up with religious zeal, Mr Darwin sends us this tosh and piffle:

Little Nellie of Holy God

Mr Darwin goes on to make some valuable suggestions :

What about Little Nellie of Holy God? demands Darwin. What’s that all about? She was only four years old but she become a saint. So why not three or even two?

Why not make a fetal saint? That would sort out the pro-choice crowd.
Some poor indoctrinated and brainwashed child spouting Catholic pap gets to be a saint and a poor old Einstein, Lincoln, or Helen Keller won’t get a look in coz they’re just atheists!

Good man, Darwin. That’s the spirit.