Foleys Limerick Live recording Venues

Limerick Music – Foleys

I came across this in Foleys during the week.

Rude Mood.

Foleys Limerick Live recording Venues

Limerick Music – Les Pauls

I know the sound quality is shite, and that’s my fault for not doing it right , but virtuosity is virtuosity. There’s no escaping it.

Here are the guys playing Foleys.

Foleys Limerick Live recording Venues

Limerick Music — Na Trócairí Beaga

I stumbled across these guys last week while trying to negotiate a drink from Bill, the kindly old proprietor of Foleys fine music and drinking  emporium.

bill 001

Bill did a nice job on the old place, taking down the horrible barricade and making a bit of a stage in the corner, so that bands no longer have to stand on the same level as the patrons.  This is a great thing for the musicians’ teeth and knuckles.

(Teeth because drunken bastards kept bumping into the microphones and knuckles because drunken bastards kept bumping into the microphones).

It’s good.


These fellas have been around for ages in various guises, combinations, permutations and associations. They’ve been calling themselves the Small Mercies lately but I think they might be about to change that again because there’s some Australian band of the same name, who might come around and break their legs

Or drink them senseless.


Anyway, for now we’ll keep them incognito.  Na Trócairí Beaga seems like a good codename.  What do you think?

I’m having a bit of trouble with the video camera at the moment.  It keeps cutting out if it thinks the music is too loud, due to a safety feature.  A safety feature?  How safe is it for a camera to be tossed into a river?

Anyway, I’m casting around for solutions, and meanwhile, here’s a song I managed to get (most) of. It cuts off a bit abruptly at the end which is a bigger pain in the arse for me than for you, but I apologise in advance anyway.

One of their own: Dry Land.



Graffiti spotted on the condom machine in Foleys.

condom machine 001

Limerick Venues

Live Music at Foleys

Quick update:

live tonight the 54 club ……..thursday
live friday night joe moloney ….
live sat quenten……
murty &john sunday night

When Billy looks at you with that crooked grin, you know he’s up to something.-

– Bock, he said.

– Yes, Billy?

– That old internest thing you do.

– Internet, Bill. Internet.

– Whatever. You have a web.

– I have a web-site. Why?

– Well, I was thinking maybe you’d write about this place. The music.

I put down my pint and regarded him sharply. You’ve been reading my mail.

– What?

– I was discussing this very thing with the Geek during the week. We’re thinking of putting a local gig guide on the site.

Great, said Billy.

Not really, I told him. We’re not ready to launch it yet, but it’ll be fukken great when we do.

Hmm, he said, with that disappointed look.

Look, I said. Why don’t I write something up anyway, telling people about this place. After all, I’ve been to enough gigs here in my time.

You have, said Billy. Will you tell them it’s all free?

I will. What have you got for me?

– Well, every Wednesday, we have our own house musicians.

– True, I said. You’d never know who might turn up to play at that. Relaxed.

– And then, on Thursday, there’s the 54 Club.

– Hard-edged three-piece blues band. Electric. I might call around and video them if I get a chance. Anything else?

– Sure. On Friday we have Robbie Henchy — Shantytown, you know?

– I do. Throw on another pint there for me.

– On Saturday, the 23rd, we’ve got Willie Brown, and on Sunday we have DnA.

– Will I put in a little map to help them find you?

– Why not? And tell ’em it’s all free.

OK. Done. Where’s that pint I asked you for?


Limerick Live recording Venues

Limerick Music Sunday Night

I wandered out on the town last night and stumbled across a couple of gigs. It was a bit late to catch Gonzo and his eight-piece band at Nancy’s but I caught these bastards anyway.

I’m afraid the quality of my recording is as shit as ever, and I really must take a course of study or something to improve it, but hey, what the hell.

We’ll start with this in the White House. Paul O Sullivan on acoustic, Pete Hanagan on double bass and Paul O Connor on electric. It’s a bit dark, but I found out later how to adjust the camera, so it’ll be better next time. Maybe.

And then we wandered down to Foleys where we found Eamonn Hehir and the Small Mercies in great form. After my experience the night of my birthday, I have to offer you the boys playing Emmylou’s Deeper Well.

On acoustic and vocals, we have Eamonn. On electric, Des O Dwyer (or as some people know him, the Infant Jesus). On bass, Seán Fox, and on drums, Ian MacNamara. The recording quality is shit. My fault.

That’s followed by Eamonn’s Bodies in Bodybags.