Bock Worn Out From Overdoing It

The excesses of the weekend have finally caught up with me. A train ride to Dublin to see the Wrinklies perform, followed by late-night carousing (chez Paddy), followed by another […]

Great Friday

For years, we have celebrated Good Friday by heading up to Lough Derg and going across the lake on boats, from Garrykennedy to Mountshannon. In keeping with tradition, we bring […]

It’s Such a Perfect Day

It’s Such a Perfect Day

OK. This is better. I’m finally beginning to recover from the annual Invasion of the Welsh Fuckers. I went for a walk today with Jimbo and the dogs (his and […]

Drink driving

Drink driving

It seems that the tough new police action against drinking and driving has pretty much killed the rural pub, which was the last place left for people to congregate, now […]

Enough, already

Fuck it, I can’t take this any more. Between piss-ups at the neighbours and piss-ups in my house, piss-ups at the pub-of-choice and random drunkenness related to Christmas, I really […]

Giving Up Drink

I phoned Wrinkly Paddy, and I said, Pat, I’m thinking of quitting the liquor. After a long, long pause he said, Why? Well, I said, I think I’ve been going […]


I went into Tesco a little while back, to buy some shit or other. I don’t know what it was. Some useless fucking crap that I didn’t need, no doubt, […]

The price of mushrooms

Jesus, I had a great breakfast this morning, and I combined it with a little shoplifting, which made it even fukken greater. I refuse to shop in your average Pikey […]

Dem bones dem bones

Dem bones dem bones

Christ, I’m bollixed. I decided that the only way to get some sort of shape on that goddam kitchen was to invite a gang of scroungers over for grub and […]

Talking of AA meetings

I hate the word “workaholic”. I think it represents all that is stupid and illiterate in modern society. “Alcoholic” I can understand, but where did “workaholic” come from – “workahol”? […]