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This baffles me. When exactly did somebody disconnect consequences from actions? When did it become possible to do whatever you want, no matter how bad or how stupid? When did it become impossible to totally screw up because no matter how much of a shit you make of things, some government agency will step in and make it all right for you? Or, to put it more plainly, when did our community start to fall apart?

I always admired the generosity we showed towards people in trouble. I thought it was right to look after the weak and the vulnerable amongst us and I still think so, but I didn’t think the obligation extended to looking after the strong and aggressive as well. This is the hard bit I don’t understand: if a person does not subscribe to the basic values of our society, is that person entitled to the same privileges as those who do?

If a person is a threat to the very survival of our society, as we saw with the murderers of Shane Geoghegan, why do we house and feed them?

If an entire family is a subversive organisation, as we saw in Limerick, why do we extend them the same protections as we offer compliant citizens?

Here’s something I found in the Clare Champion. See what you make of it.

A study funded by the Mid-Western Health Board identified 43 young people in Kilrush- 24 males and 19 females – as being at risk. It seems that the primary at risk behaviour was criminal activity, specifically high levels of intimidation and personal violence. This intimidation, said to be undertaken by a small core group of adolescent males, was directed at all members of the community and ranged from breaking windows, to breaking into houses and stealing and burning out cars. Personal violence was reported as indiscriminate.

Let’s pause here and take time to read that again. The at risk behaviour described was actually criminal activity, breaking windows, burgling houses and stealing and burning out cars. High levels of intimidation and indiscriminate personal violence.

Maybe I’m being extremely stupid, but who exactly is at risk here? Apparently it’s not the people whose cars are being stolen and burnt out. And it’s not the people suffering the indiscriminate violence, or the break-ins. No. It seems that those at risk are the fucking skobes at risk of getting caught.

What kind of mind-set is at work in this? How can anybody use the term “at risk” to describe the arrogant drunken fuckers who wander around by night (and by day), taking what they want and breaking what they don’t like? This study was funded by the Health Board, but did anyone in the Health Board look at the results and apply rational common sense to what was being said? Perhaps they did and perhaps I’m being unfair to everybody, but I wonder if a similar study was conducted to see how the victims of the violence are getting on. I wonder when a Health Board will quantify the other at risk people. The old people who are afraid to leave their homes. The decent people who are afraid to open their mouths.

A good man, Shane Geoghegan, was murdered last weekend by at-risk people.  Or to put it another way, thugs at risk of getting caught.

Baiba Saulite, an innocent woman, was murdered in Dublin by at-risk youths.

Anthony Campbell, a young Dublin plumber, was shot and killed by at-risk youths, while they were murdering another criminal.

A man was shot in Limerick a couple of years ago for going outside to see who had heaved a brick through his window. Who did this? At-risk youths whose needs hadn’t been met and who were failed by society. So at-risk that they had to go out and shoot a man at his front door. The Kilrush report was in the context of an attack on two girls by men with iron bars, members of the Kilrush at-risk community.

Why do we put up with this?  I am sick of this fucking social-worker-speak.  I am sick of this bloodless academic language that they use to drain the meaning out of words.

You know these savages who murdered Shane Geoghegan?  These drug dealers?

Let me tell you something about them.  It wouldn’t make the slightest difference if every illegal drug in Ireland was eliminated.  It wouldn’t matter.  These people have been inflicting pain for fun since they were first shown, while still only infants, how to maim a small animal.  They are without human feeling, and they’d shoot you dead as quick as look at you.

It will make no difference if the drugs trade is stamped out: the moral vacuum will remain, and that moral vacuum has been fostered by the value-free ideology that underlies terms like at risk.  Our country has been taken over by a sociology KGB who instruct us in everything we may say and everything we may think.

Shane Geoghegan wasn’t killed by the drugs trade.  He was murdered by a bunch of unfeeling low-life scum who have been facilitated for generations by our stupid public social policy into believing that the world owes them a living and that they will never, ever have to take responsibility for anything.

They are members of the invulnerable class, you see: underprivileged, as the touchy-feely professionals describe them.

Whenever people start to talk about underprivilege, there’s the danger of a Monty Python moment: when I was young we were so hungry we had to eat our feet. Right. Listen to me, when I was young, we never ate our feet. They were too filthy to eat because we couldn’t afford water.

The sort of underprivilege we see in this town, and in towns all over Ireland, is mental and emotional. It costs nothing except effort to take your kids to the library. Not a penny. Unless, of course, you come from a long line of inbred gobshites with no interest in that kind of thing, but that’s not society’s fault. That’s yours.

There simply isn’t the kind of financial poverty that existed thirty years ago, and yet the mendicant mentality is stronger than ever.

An entire class of people has emerged who couldn’t give a rat’s arse about you, me or anyone else, as long as they get whatever money they think they’re entitled to. And side by side with that, a consequence-free life has been provided for them by our brainless policy makers.  These are people who were raised from the cradle to expect that the State will give them a house and an income.  They can’t imagine it any other way.

There is of course another class of people.  Let us not forget those who desperately need the help of the State, for genuine reasons, but who were properly brought up.  These are the ones who sit meekly in front of Council officials and Health Board administrators, and answer page after page of questions.

These are the people who shut up and do what they’re told.  These are the people public officials feel free to bully and condescend to, like this poor woman.

Why?  Because officials aren’t afraid of them.  Because these people aren’t the kind who wait in the office car-park like the scumbags do, and threaten the administrators to their face, like the scumbags do.

And that’s why the scumbags are given everything they want, while the people in true need are made to wait their turn, and slapped down if they complain.

Unless we change our attitudes fast, this thing is going only one way, and that’s towards disaster.


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