The Manchester Monkeys

What kind of a langer is Bertie? No. I’m quite serious. What kind of a dipshit is he? Does he think we’re all idiots? What’s this nonsense about the Manchester […]

More Bertie

Looking at different photos of Bertie over the years, did you notice the way his nose seems to be getting longer? Did you notice that at all? I must say, […]

Bertie Ahern

I’m not answering what I got for my holy communion money, my confirmation money, what I got for my birthday, what I got for anything else. What I got personally […]

Obesity epidemic

I saw a news item last night in which somebody said that the great new epidemic now sweeping the world is obesity. It seems that in every country of the […]

Belly tops

Have you noticed the number of fat knackers around these days? No, sorry, I don’t mean overweight people. I mean fat fuckers trailing a string of fat fucker kids behind […]

Still stuck in Knock

Still stuck in Knock

OK. It’s tomorow. Anyway, that was Knock. I didn’t go to the Basilica because there wasn’t time, and also because I was afraid they’d kill me if I tried to […]

The power of belief

I don’t know if we should develop nuclear power plants here or not. I think there are valid reasons why we should, and I think there are equally valid reasons […]