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Nurses’ Pay Claim

I decided to see what all this was about so I went to the Government web site and downloaded an impenetrable document which I spent a couple of hours going through.

I made a list of typical Health Service jobs and laid them out according to their maximum salary. It makes for an interesting comparison. By the way, the nurses work 39 hours a week for their salary. The rest have a 35-hour week.

Here we go. Jesus, the things I do for you, and does anyone give a toss?

Student nurse €23,588

Post registered student nurse €27,035 BSc Degree

Student midwife – diploma €29,745 BSc Degree ; RGN

General labourer €30,037 No qualifications

Beautician €30,037 ?

Nurse attendant €31,495 No qualifications

Health care assistant €31,495 No qualifications. 2 weeks induction

Clerical officer €36,913 Leaving Cert

Clerical grade 4 €42,512 Leaving Cert

Staff nurse €43,430 BSc Degree

Senior staff nurse €45,603 BSc Degree

Clerical grade 5 €48,167 Leaving Cert

Social worker – unqualified €51,379 Leaving Cert

Clerical grade 6 €54,760

Clinical nurse manager ii €55,588 BSc Degree
+ 10 yrs experience
+management course

Clinical nurse specialist €55,588 BSc + Higher diploma + clinical experience

Social worker – qualified €56,634 BSc

Clerical grade 7 €59,089 Leaving Cert

Nurse tutor €62,308 MSc + Higher diploma + clinical experience

Social worker, team leader €65,326 BSc + 5 yrs experience

Principal nurse tutor €68,793 PhD + Higher diploma + clinical experience

Director of Human Resources €152,151 Leaving Cert

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