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Letterfrack — A Christian Brother’s Prayer

Dear Lord, I thank Thee for all of Thy bounty.

I thank Thee for the beauty of this land.



I thank Thee for the comfort of our splendid home.


I give thanks that in Thine infinite wisdom, Thou has seen fit to provide me with all that I need, though I am not worthy.

Thou hast provided warmth in this fine house, and sustenance from the land.


For the devils that beset me as I walk these corridors at night-time, Thou hast provided succour and comfort.


Thou hast sent me the serpents that I might chastise them.


In Thine infinite wisdom, Thou hast stayed Thine hand in The Holy Scripture and hast not forbidden the comfort of the flesh, save with womankind. Though the serpents’ hearts be black, yet their limbs are warm and their cries sweet unto the ear.

I gaze now from this window, and behold the cornucopia Thou hast provided for my delight, and for the easing of my rage.



It is with true humility and gratitude that I descend these stairs to the garden and make my way to the house of the serpents, where, with Thy divine blessing, I may continue the great work entrusted unto me by Thee.


Dear Lord, grant me the strength, I beg of Thee, to persevere until every last one of the serpents hath been cast from this place, and destroyed.



Then, Lord, let me rest, content in Thine bosom.



Pictures taken in former Christian Brothers monastery and industrial school at Letterfrack


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