Sudan Blocks Bock Shock!

I knew it would have to happen eventually, after the terrible things I said about their teddy-bear police, or maybe it was what I said about Islamic martyrs, or it could have been because of the guy with a magnet up his arse.  Anyway, the Sudanese government have finally cracked down on me.  Hard.

A friend in Sudan has emailed me to say that this page appears when he tries to summon up Bock :

sudan bock filter 002

Isn’t that terrible?  The people of Sudan are denied the opportunity to read about the holy tree stump of Rathkeale, and Leonard Cohen, and blasphemy, and Gerry Ryan being a fat wanker.

Right then.  It’s war.

From now on, I’ll be keeping a close eye on the Sudanese government.  See how they like that!