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Tom McFeely Claims Protection as a UK Citizen

You just couldn’t make it up, could you?  Tom McFeely has appealed to the British courts as a UK citizen to protect him from the Irish people he ripped off.

Seriously now.  As Oscar Wilde remarked in a different context, only a man with a heart of stone could fail to laugh at it.  Here’s a guy who objected so strongly to the existence of Northern Ireland that he was willing to shoot a policeman, go to prison and spend 63 days on hunger strike.

Yet, now that his disgracefully shoddy building work has caught up with him, McFeely is seeking bankruptcy in Britain.

Why?  Because, as he correctly pointed out to the British court, the Irish bankruptcy laws are punitive, often amounting to a life sentence — not unlike the life sentence imposed on those who bought his death-trap apartments at Priory Hall.  McFeely wanted to avail of the more lenient UK bankruptcy regime, and in support of his claim, he pointed out that he is not a citizen of Ireland, but of the United Kingdom.


Of course, in making his initial application for bankruptcy back in January, Tom neglected to advise the registrar of one vital fact: that he was already involved in a legal dispute in another jurisdiction — a dispute with Theresa McGuinness who bought a house from him in 2006 and had to spend €100,000 repairing it.  Theresa is clearly not a quitter, and followed Tom as far as the London High Court to have his bankruptcy status overturned, a legal action which ultimately  proved successful.  Portraying himself as victim, Tom tried to convince the court that Theresa McGuinness was taking a vindictive action, but the court told him to get stuffed and now he has to apply all over again for protection from legal action in what he called a foreign jurisdiction: Ireland.

Isn’t it amazing that Tom McFeely doesn’t recognise Ireland as a legitimate entity, despite living here, working here, operating a business here and ripping off our citizens, forcing many of them into financial slavery for the rest of their lives?  And isn’t it even more amazing, given his professed political convictions, that he would now hide behind his British citizenship?

I’m genuinely puzzled.  When he travels, what passport does he use?

If and when Theresa McGuinness manages to prevent his bankruptcy as a UK citizen, and starts to put the screws on him in Ireland, will the residents of Priory Hall do the same?  Will they all try to nail him for the money they lost as a result of his bad building, and what will he do if things get too hard?

Supposing, for instance, he has to move out of his €10 million mansion.  What on earth will he do? [Update 10th Aug 2012.  McFeely’s house repossessed by Nama.]

Well, he can’t shoot anyone, obviously, but he could always go on hunger strike.  It might do him no harm for a while.



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Elsewhere, Susan McKay writes in the Guardian


Former Hunger Striker Builds Shit Priory Hall Firetrap

Priory Hall is a residential development in Dublin, built by Tom McFeely, a former IRA hunger-striker who was last year jailed for breaches of the building regulations in the same buildings.

It was a rags-to-riches story as Tom McFeely arrived in Dublin at the age of 40, following his release from jail in 1989 with only £240 in his pocket.  Miraculously, within a short few years, McFeely had become a major property developer, with a home in Dublin’s salubrious Ailesbury Road, a €6 million holiday home in the Algarve and a hotel near by.

A remarkable achievement for a man who had given his entire life to the cause.  We should all be so lucky.

Unfortunately for Tom McFeely, while he might well have been able to recite the works of Lenin from start to finish, he had not the slightest grasp of the Irish building regulations, nor even the rudiments of construction, which is a major drawback if you want to be a builder.  And yet, this story shows what a wonderful city Dublin is.  As late as 1989, a man whose nickname is Nailbomb, can enter the construction industry, with no skill, no knowledge, no training and no qualifications, and he can become a developer of properties that young couples save up to buy, sacrificing all their lives until they can raise sufficient funds.

And in return for their money he can give them shit.

I wonder how that fits in with Tom McFeely’s republican ideals?

Isn’t that a great freedom fighter?  Leaving hundreds of young people in financial slavery with worthless property because he wasn’t able to build them a proper home.

Wouldn’t it make you proud to be Irish?

I know what the owners of these worthless properties should be telling Tom McFeely: Tiocfaidh ár lá.