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Boiled Heads

I woke up this morning with another boiled head.

A week ago, the Hangar Queen arrived on my doorstep and since then it’s been non-stop carousing and generally acting the maggot, and I’m no longer a young man. Obviously when HQ arrived, we had to go out to Sniffle’s house for wine and beer and food. Which was great, with first class conversation, but a lot of wine. Much wine and beer.

I woke with a boiled head, but hey, it was Friday, which meant going out to the pub. You couldn’t have a guest over from America and not take them straight to the pub, could you? I thought it would be a good plan to introduce HQ to a gang of drunken queers who later dragged her off to some filthy gay haunt while I stayed where I was for more carousing.

I had another boiled head on Saturday morning, but there was no escaping the Blog Awards in Cork. I drove with my eyes shut in case I bled to death. Anyone who was there will tell you what an all-night party that was, which meant that I woke on Sunday morning with a boiled head.

Sunday evening there’s always a good bluesy session in Nancy’s and you couldn’t have a guest over from America and not take them to that, could you? We couldn’t leave it there, and so we went on to another establishment where there was another band playing, and where we had a few more beers, resulting in a boiled head on Monday morning.

Now, you couldn’t have a guest over from America and not take them to the pub on Monday evening, could you? HQ, as it happened, made her own way into town, and met up with Mr Darwin, who happened to be playing music in the establishment, preparing for the launch of his new Depression-era band. And so we had a few beers, and swapped a few stories, and had a few more beers, resulting in a boiled head on Tuesday morning.

Incredibly we didn’t go out that night. Bullet was sick and I was keeping an eye on him, but he’s much better now. And that was why, on Wednesday morning, I didn’t wake up with a boiled head, but it wasn’t to last. Just as I dropped HQ at the airport for the long journey back Stateside, the phone rang.

It was the Wild Man From Conamara, on his Significant Birthday Tour of Ireland, looking up all the friends he knew back in the days when people existed on a diet of homemade beer and magic mushrooms.

Well? When are we going out?

Oh fuck, I groaned.

What? he demanded. You don’t lightly cross the WMFC.

Nothing, I said. Did you have a time in mind?

I had, he replied. We’ll go now.

Oh Jesus, I told him.

What? he growled.

All right, I said.

And so we headed to Nancy’s, and then on a mini-tour of Limerick where we met all manner of lunatic, and then we went home to slug back a bottle of wine he’d brought. A fine vineyard called Chateau Bang-for-your-buck. Which meant a boiled head this morning.

Now, they’re gone. HQ to America, and WMFC back home. And so I thought a nice quiet night would be good. That was when the phone rang. It was Darwin.

There’s a table quiz in Jerry Flannery’s to raise money for injured rugby players and I was thinking —


So that’s that. I know what’s facing me in the morning: another boiled head. And it’s worse than you think. You see, the Tedfest is on Inis Mór this weekend, and when I spoke on the phone to the Rockhopper last week, he said

D’you know what? I was thinking of going home to the Rock for Tedfest. What do you reckon? Will we go?

It will be an all-weekender, which, I fear will cause …


Who I Met At The Irish Blog Awards

Well, I had a fucking ball anyway, and I met loads of bastards who turn out to be not such bastards when you meet them face to face.

The bastards.

Here are some of them.  If I forgot anyone, I’m really sorry, but it was late and I had a lot to drink.  In fact, we all had a lot to drink.

Nick Sweary John
Robert Val Grandad
Twenty Suzy Sharon
Lorraine Green Ink Eolaí
Aoife Fatmammycat Darragh
Tommy Gavin Rick
K8 Mcawilliams Elly
Sabrina Grannymar Medbh
Conortje TBNIL Alan
Phil Maz

It’s always the same after these award things.  You’re too fucked to make any sense, so you just shout at people you met.



Bock Makes Blog Awards Finals

OK.  I have yet another reason for going to Cork, apart from wild partying, hedonistic excess and witty, urbane, yet challenging discourse.

I’m a finalist in the Current Affairs category.  Who knew?

The Leonard Cohen report also made it to the final in the Best Post category.

I suppose I should say something appropriate.


News and Current Affairs
Leonard Cohen in Dublin 


There’s a good representation in the final list from bloggers with Limerick connections:

F̼star РPopculture

Italian Foodies – Food and Drink

Bock – News and Current Affairs

Newswire – News and Current Affairs

Maman Poulet – News and Current Affairs

Limerick Blogger – News and Current Affairs

Trust Tommy – Best Newcomer

Hangar Queen – Humour


Here are All the Finalists



Blog Awards — Current Affairs It Is, Then

I’ve made up my mind.


I Need Your Opinion — – Which Awards Category Should Bock Be Judged In?

The longlists are out now, and Bock is still there in two categories: Humour and News/Current Affairs.

I can only be in one category for the next round of judging, and I have to pick the category I prefer, so I need a bit of help from you.  Which category do you think I should stay in – Humour or News/Current Affairs?

Here are the other nominees for News/Current Affairs:

(Sponsored by IGO People)

And here are the other nominees for the Humour category:

( Sponsored by Beecher Networks)

So.  Which is it to be?



By the way, I’m glad to see there’s a good Limerick representation in the other categories as well:

Best popculture : Fústar

Best blog from a journalist: Limerick Leader – On The Beat

Best food and drink: Italian Foodies and Val’s Kitchen

Best arts and culture: Fústar 

Best political: Suzy Byrne 

Best group: Limerick Blogger and Cheebah

Best sport: Limerick Post Sport

Best newcomer: Trust Tommy

Best personal: Trust Tommy


More Nominations – Best Post

The long list for the Best Post category is out.

Bock has been long-listed for these three:



Leonard Cohen in Dublin


PC World Sold Me A Piece  Of Shit


Yeah.  That’s fair enough.  Can’t complain too much.

Have a look at the rest of the nominated posts HERE.


We’re Off to See the Bloggers

OK. I’m away to catch an eastbound train and meet a crowd of bastards flying in from Armorica.

After that, we have the annual bloggers’ drunken brawl and God-knows-what-else.

If I can get to a computer I’ll keep you a little bit up to date, but things might be fairly slack around here for a day or two, depending on how things go.

Seeya  later.


Blog Awards Even Shorter Shortlists Out at Last

Well that’s a relief. I was beginning to worry that I’d wasted €18 in the charity shop buying that jacket, shirt and worn-but-comfortable pair of secondhand shoes.

Bock, much to my surprise, seems to have survived the shredding and remains in the two shortlists: Best Blog and Most Humorous Post, though for the life of me I can’t see why they’d want an aggressive old drunk like me coming to the party and causing an ugly scene.


[Note to self: Too nice to people lately. Consume more drink, urgently!]

Anyway, here’s a few final lists I lifted from Mulley’s site.

Best Blog

Best Photo Blog

Best Blog Post

Most Humorous Post


Irish Blog Awards: Long List of Candidates For “Best Blog” Prize

The long list is out now.  Imagine all these bastards in one room, glaring at each other.  Imagine that.  Fuckin hell, I might have to bring an even larger contingent of associates than last year, for personal safety, you understand.

Here you go :-


Irish Blog Awards Fever

As days lengthen and tempers shorten, we huddle in ragged, mutant clusters and one to another half-mutter the eternal question:


For too long, answer came there none until today, when Mulley took pity and offered us relief of sorts, using the venerable Irish tradition of The Leak.

Bock is in the long-list for best political blog and you can see the complete field at the end of the page, but we still await the list for Best Blog. I understand it runs to eighteen million separate candidates, and is expected to take eleven years to judge.

One of the categories has me a little baffled, I have to admit, though not because I have anything against the people involved. No indeed. In fact, I read the work of journalists every single day, but for the life of me I can’t see the point of having a Best Blog from a Journalist category. I haven’t spoken to Mulley about this, but maybe I should ask him how this category was decided upon, and I’m sure he’d have a very rational and logical answer if I put the question to him. It just seems a bit arbitrary.

If you’re going to have Best Blog from a Journalist as a category, then why not Best Blog from a Plumber? Or Best Blog from an Axe-Murderer. Best Blog from a Crooked Bastard Taoiseach. Oh wait. No. That wouldn’t work, cos they’d have to be able to read and write. Well what about Best Blog from a Thieving Bastard Politician of any Party? That’ll work.

Other arbitrary categories for next year’s Best Blog might include

Best Blog from an Abusing Priest, with Alterations

Best Blog from a Misplaced Children’s Hospital

Best Blog From a Bunch of Thieving Crooks Paid by Your Tax Money

Best Blog from a Dead Crook

Best Blog from a Member of an Garda Siochana

Best Blog from a Crooked Bastard Taoiseach.  Fuck, let’s list it anyway.

Best Blog from a Demented Bishop

Best Blog for the Cover-Up of a Scandal

Best Blog by a Plagiarist

Best Blog from an Old Fraud

Best Blog by an Occupying Army

Best Blog by a Martyred Muslim

Yeah. This idea looks promising, don’t you think? Any more suggestions will be welcome and I’ll put them in with your name on them if they’re good.


Here’s the complete long-list for Best Political Blog:

Irish Election
Slugger Oââ€â„¢Toole
Cedar Lounge Revolution
Damien Blake
James Lawless
El Blogador
Bock The Robber
Thatââ€â„¢s Ireland
1169 and Counting
Harry McGee
Gavinââ€â„¢s Blog
Seamus Ryan
Oââ€â„¢Conall Street
Notes on the Front
Dominic Hannigan
Skin flicks
Political Verse
Organized Rage
Ciaran Cuffe
Dublin Opinion
Everything Ulster
Richard Delevan
Eric Byrne

And here are the plumbers journalists:

On The Record
Present Tense
Harry McGee
Emigration etc
The Sigla Blog
Kathy Foley
Richard Delevan
Karlin Lillington
David McWilliams
Sarah Carey
Haydn Shaughnessy
Red Mum
Voice Musings
Crime Always Pays
Nadine Oââ€â„¢Regan
John Collins