Boiled Heads

I woke up this morning with another boiled head. A week ago, the Hangar Queen arrived on my doorstep and since then it’s been non-stop carousing and generally acting the […]

Bock Makes Blog Awards Finals

Bock Makes Blog Awards Finals

OK.  I have yet another reason for going to Cork, apart from wild partying, hedonistic excess and witty, urbane, yet challenging discourse. I’m a finalist in the Current Affairs category.  […]

We’re Off to See the Bloggers

OK. I’m away to catch an eastbound train and meet a crowd of bastards flying in from Armorica. After that, we have the annual bloggers’ drunken brawl and God-knows-what-else. If […]

Irish Blog Awards Fever

As days lengthen and tempers shorten, we huddle in ragged, mutant clusters and one to another half-mutter the eternal question: Well? For too long, answer came there none until today, […]