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Israel, Gaza and the Big Lie

If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it.

—- Josef Goebbels


As I write this, US Secretary of State John Kerry is telling the world with a straight face that Israel is under siege from Hamas, thus proving that the technique of the Big Lie is not dead.

The Big Lie went to work with the Gulf of Tonkin incident, when the US public were told North Vietnamese forces had attacked a US warship, and as a result, the USA ended up in a full-blown Vietnam War.  What a great success that was.

The Big Lie  went to work when Dick Cheney in his public speeches tirelessly associated Saddam Hussein with the attacks on the World Trade Center, even though Hussein was an implacable enemy of Al Qaeda.  The invaders, absurdly named the Coalition of the Willing, smashed Iraq and ended up with a country full of Islamists where none had existed before.  What a great success that was (provided you happen to be Cheney’s company, Hallliburton).  The invasion achieved nothing apart from destabilising an entire region, yet to this day 40% of Americans believe Saddam had something to do with 9-11.  What a success that was.

The Big Lie went to work when Hitler told the German people that Jews were responsible for their country’s woes.  The German people believed it, as did the many other people in Europe who wished to demonise the Jews — Hungarians, Austrians, French, Polish, Italian, Romanian — and as a consequence, six million human beings went to their deaths at the hands of Nazi murderers and their accomplices.   What a gigantic success that was.

The Big Lie went to work when Radio Télévision Libre des Mille Collines mobilised the Hutus of Rwanda to murder their Tutsi friends and neighbours with knives and clubs, killing up to a million people in 100 days.  Another great success.

You see, the Big Lie is a thing that finally consumes those who utter it.  It’s the ultimate curse, the darkest summoning up of the worst demons that lurk on the seabed of the soul and, once summoned, these presences are not easily banished to the depths when their work is done.

On my television right now, I can see  the Israelis bombing what they call “terror sites”.  Before that, they were searching for “terror tunnels”.

What next — terror olive groves?

Who could forget George W Bush’s ludicrous War on Terror?  As if the world was full of Marvel and DC baddies — one-dimensional characters devoted to Terror, just like the Joker, the Penguin and Lex Luthor.  Is it a coincidence that generations of simplistic American comics and movies should finally have manifested themselves in the form of a president whose grasp of international nuances extended no further than the pages of a comic-book?  And how ironic that Bush himself had an evil Grand Vizier in the shape of Cheney looking over his shoulder and pulling his strings where necessary.

Who could forget Robert Fisk’s pitiful lament, Terrorists, terrorists, terrorists?  In Pity the Nation,  his account of the Lebanon conflict, Fisk wearily repeats the words.  Terrorists.   Terrorists.   Terrorists.  Every time the Israeli airforce bombed an apartment block in Sidon or Tyre or Beirut, killing dozens of civilians, the attack was immediately followed by a spokesman explaining that the building was used by terrorists.

When Fisk’s own car was strafed as he and fellow journalists drove up the coastal highway, Israeli media reported it as an engagement with a vehicle containing terrorists.

Terrorists.   Terrorists.   Terrorists.

For Fisk, it was as much a comment on the paranoid mental prison in which the Israelis  find themselves as anything else.

Even moderate Ireland becomes demonised in this paranoid and dishonest rant from the wife of the Israeli ambassador, Nurit Tinari Modai, an outburst filled with half-truths and contempt for her husband’s host country.

nurit tinari modai.


When you live in a society where paranoia becomes internalised, any level of  atrocity seems acceptable, provided you first dehumanise those you wish to be rid of.  This is a lesson we learned over the centuries, most recently in the Balkans when the Chetniks attempted to wipe out the Bosniaks and those who thought of themselves as Yugoslavs.  We in Ireland are not immune to that sort of thinking, as we saw with the treatment of the inmates in the Magdalene laundries, though I do believe our society has been permanently scarred by our Famine.   I doubt if we would deliberately inflict such suffering on a population, in the way that Israel has brought about the Gaza ghetto, which many of them sneeringly refer to as Gazastan.

Let’s not forget that when Hamas first emerged, Israel saw it as a means to destabilise Arafat’s PLO, which was a secular, non-sectarian organisation, whose aim was to achieve a Palestinian homeland.  And lets not forget either where these Palestinians in Gaza came from.  These are the people who were thrown off their land by invading Israeli forces from 1948 onwards, and who were shoved into the ghetto, because it wasn’t politically possible to simply kill them and be done with the problem.

Hamas is Israel’s friend in every way.  Supported by Mossad, it did everything its puppet-masters required, including firing militarily-insignificant rockets into Israeli territory, and Israeli-occupied Palestinian lands.

In doing so, Hamas helps to perpetuate the Big Lie that Palestinians are part of the comic-book terrorist narrative.  How much easier it is to condemn an Islamist movement than a bunch of agnostics, atheists, Christians and Muslims who simply want to be given back some of the land that was stolen from them by force.

That’s why Arafat and the PLO had to be crushed and that’s why they had to be replaced by cartoon villains like Hamas.

In parallel, the hugely-diverse world of Islam had to be reduced to a cartoon quality.  It was necessary, especially in the minds of the American public (never noted for its political subtlety) to portray all Muslims as crazed, ideological killers.  Never mind  the fact that Islam is as diverse as Christianity, with devout believers and carousing drunken bons viveurs in its ranks, just as there are many non-observant Jews.

In a world whose sensibilities have been well prepared by incidents ranging from the 9-11 attacks to the ludicrous Jyllands-Posten controversy about depictions of the Prophet, we are now arrived at a point where people will believe anything about the enemy as long as that enemy is either  terrorist, whatever that is, or Muslim, whatever that is.

Back in the 1940s, the US public was just as easily persuaded to incarcerate its Japanese-American population in concentration camps, based solely on their facial appearance.  No German-Americans were shoved into places like Manzanar.  No Italian-Americans.  No Hungarian-Americans.  Just Japanese-Americans.

Who did they put in charge of the D-Day landings?  A man called Eisenhauer, with the spelling slightly anglicised.  No prison camp for him.

That’s how easy it is.

And so we arrive at our current pass, where the children cowering within Gaza are jeered at by thugs on the hills of Sderot, the same thugs who squat in the houses of the people they now bomb with their American-funded missiles and F-16s.

Just a few miles up the coast from Gaza, the people of Ashkelon will sleep more easily in their beds after the current onslaught completes its mission.   Unlike in Gaza, no naval patrol boats machine-gun their fishermen when they try to cast their nets.  Nobody shells their beaches.   These law-abiding Israeli citizens enjoy all the amenities of the beautiful Mediterranean port that their forces rolled into on the 5th November 1948, expelling all 11,000 Arabs.

What does that remind you of?

Terrorists.  Terrorists.   Terrorists.






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Palestine, Israel and the Definition of Rights

It might seem like a ridiculous truism to say that you don’t have a right unless you have it, and yet, at the heart of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights is a patent absurdity.

Article 1.  All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights.

No they’re not.  It simply isn’t true.  Human beings the world over are born neither free nor equal, no matter what the United Nations might have wanted to believe in the wake of the Holocaust, when the declaration was drafted.  Anyone who thinks otherwise is a fool.

human rights

Human beings are born into a world full of inequality, where freedom is a rare thing and getting rarer by the day, and where dignity is the first thing to be traded for a crust of bread.

Try being gay in Nigeria, Kenya or Russia and see how free and equal you feel.

Try being a woman in Afghanistan.  For that matter, try being  a woman anywhere governed by extreme religionists, whether they happen to be Christian, Jewish or Muslim.

Let’s not labour our way through the pious list of aspirations set out in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, a document universally ignored by governments everywhere, but just for a bit of diversion, let’s alight here and there for a closer sniff.

Article 3. Everyone has the right to life, liberty and security of person.

Really?  Let’s see the very short list of countries where people have that right.  And let’s see the longer list where they have no such right, even though the Declaration claims they do.

Article 5. No one shall be subjected to torture or to cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment.

Unless they happened to be the Birmingham Six, the Guildford Four, prisoners in Abu Ghraib, or locked up  in any Middle Eastern jail.

 Article 9.  No one shall be subjected to arbitrary arrest, detention or exile.

Tell that to the prisoners in Gitmo.

Article 15.  (1) Everyone has the right to a nationality.

Tell that to the Palestinians.

  • Everyone has the right to rest and leisure, including reasonable limitation of working hours and periodic holidays with pay.
  •  Everyone has the right to work, to free choice of employment, to just and favourable conditions of work and to protection against unemployment.
  • Everyone has the right to take part in the government of his country, directly or through freely chosen representatives.
  • Everyone has the right of equal access to public service in his country.
  • Everyone has the right to a standard of living adequate for the health and well-being of himself and of his family, including food, clothing, housing and medical care and necessary social services, and the right to security in the event of unemployment, sickness, disability, widowhood, old age or other lack of livelihood in circumstances beyond his control.
  • Everyone has the right to education.

No they don’t, no they don’t , no they don’t.  We might want everyone to have those rights, but wanting it doesn’t make it so.  Across most of the world, nobody has such rights, and that’s for a very simple reason:  nobody is born with rights.

We either take them or we are given them.  That’s the reality of any society, ancient or modern.  There is no such thing as a universal right, except in the broad, aspirational, entirely commendable but ultimately meaningless sense exemplified by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

It would be wonderful if we had a world based on the UDHR, but we do not, we never had and we never will, as long as the human race continues to produce greedy, tyrannical, intolerant, dishonest power-grabbers.  In other words, as long as the human race continues to produce humans.

The word “rights” is meaningless unless we understand that it implies a greater force guaranteeing such rights, and by the same token, limiting them.   The notion of human rights for women in Europe means something very different than it does in Saudi Arabia, even if Ireland has some way to go in protecting rape victims against unwanted pregnancies, and that’s because rights are handed out by the State.   It doesn’t matter how much we complain about having rights if the reality is that we simply do not have them.

Our rights in Ireland have been hard won, sometimes by constitutional means and sometimes by force of arms, just as is the case in every other country, because that is the nature of a right.

It isn’t some touchy-feelgood sparkledust sprinkled on your organic kaftan by a Vegan fairy.

It’s a right that you fought for, and maybe even died for.

There are no universal rights, only freedoms won by hard effort.

How apt that the Declaration of Human Rights — a thoroughly decent document, in my opinion — should have been created as an expression of the world’s revulsion at the treatment of Jews in Europe, while we witness Israel depriving the Palestinians of almost every right enunciated in it.

And how doubly ludicrous that they should justify their barbaric treatment of the Palestinians by quoting a dubious element of the Hamas charter, namely its denial of the Israeli state’s right to exist.

What is this right?  Was it conferred by force majeure, or did it exist ab initio?

To put it another way, was the right given to them or was it always there?

If the former, we can all agree that the international community never gave Israel the right to extend its borders to their present limits, nor to ethnically cleanse the Palestinians in order to achieve that position.  If the latter, then we’re talking about a Biblical claim to dominance of Palestinian lands based on magical belief in a mythical deity.

Either way, Hamas seem to have a point for discussion at the very least, unless you happen to believe that they’re not entitled to hold a point of view.  But of course, that would be contrary to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.


Universal Declaration of Human Rights





Items Israel Prohibits from Gaza

I was interested to see what sort of things Israel prohibits from entering Gaza.

Sage, cardamom, cumin, coriander, ginger and nutmeg are forbidden, as is  fresh meat, although za’atar spice, black pepper and sesame are permitted.  Frozen meat is also allowed, along with flour, sugar, rice,  pasta and kidney beans.

This security measure,  presumably, is designed to prevent the pesky Palestinians from rustling up this tasty meal.  I didn’t realise how much of a threat curry recipes posed to the Israeli authorities.

If you live in Gaza, not only are you prevented from enjoying a  terrorist beef curry, but after your permitted dinner of frozen meat, pasta, rice, semolina and lentils you can’t have biscuits, sweets or chocolate, for these too are forbidden.

Why? I suppose it’s because chocolate, sweets, biscuits and crisps are highly explosive and can be mixed together to make rocket propellant.  For many years, NASA has used chocolate and biscuits to power the space shuttle, and Hamas know this perfectly well.

The also know how to make a fruit-preserve bomb, using seeds, nuts, dried fruit and jam.  When combined with flavour- and smell-enhancers, this is a deadly explosive mixture, known to terrorists everywhere, which is why Israel has banned these foods from Gaza.  The deadly chemical, vinegar, is used as a detonator.

Of course, terrorists can’t build rockets and bombs without houses, and this is why Israel has wisely pursued a two-pronged approach, flattening Gaza in Operation Cast Lead, and preventing the import of plaster,  tar,  timber,  cement,  iron and tarpaulin sheets for huts.  You can’t have a million potential terrorists putting roofs over their heads.

Who knows what sort of jam rockets they might build out of sight of the satellites?

Apart from that, there a a few other well-known terrorist things that Israel has banned from Gaza.

Things like fabric for clothing,  fishing rods, fishing nets, tractor parts and irrigation systems.  Things like razors, sewing machines, horses, donkeys, goats and cattle. Things like paper writing, newspapers, pens and pencils, notebooks and toys.

And musical instruments.  You never know what those Palestinians might do if they got their hands on a guitar.  Can’t be too careful when dealing with terrorists, but of course, the real worry is that they might somehow manage to acquire Soviet-built attack accordions.

Imagine what would happen if all these items were allowed into Gaza.  It’s perfectly possible that Palestinian terrorists would form a cavalry regiment and charge the Israeli forces on their horses, donkeys, goats and cattle with razors and pencils tied to the end of their fishing rods while playing banjos and firing chocolate-powered biscuit-bombs.

When you look at it this way, you can see the logic of the prohibitions.  Can’t you?






cooking oil






kidney beans



Burgul wheat


lupini beans

powdered milk

dairy products


hummus paste

frozen meat, fish, and vegetables

vitamins and oil for animal feed

empty bags for flour

medicine and medical equipment


feminine hygiene products

toilet paper

baby wipes

shampoo & conditioner



laundry detergent

fabric softener

glass cleaner

floor cleaning fluid

cleaning liquid for bathroom


insecticide for household use

farms coffee


salami meat

canned meat

canned fish

sponges for cleaning dishes

toys for washing

mopping rags

cleaning rags

canned food except canned fruit

za’atar spice

black pepper


powdered chicken stock








trash cans




wastewater purification powder

glass – 200 trucks

water coolers + heaters

mineral water

Tahini (sesame paste)

hair brushes

hair combs



wood (for doors and window frames)


soft plastic bags




fertilized eggs

pesticides for agriculture

soil for agriculture

particles for soil dilution

chemical fertilizer

plastic buckets

plastic crates for fruits and vegetables

plastic chicken cages

egg cartons

cartons for transporting chicks

fiberglass and plastic trays for planting

various kinds of agricultural seeds

eggs (for eating)

greenhouse nylon

various kinds of veterinary medications and products



animal feed











fruit preserves

seeds and nuts

biscuits and sweets

potato chips

gas for soft drinks

dried fruit

fresh meat



wood for construction




industrial salt

plastic/glass/metal containers

industrial margarine

tarpaulin sheets for huts

fabric (for clothing)

flavor and smell enhancers

fishing rods

various fishing nets


ropes for fishing

nylon nets for greenhouses

hatcheries and spare parts for hatcheries

spare parts for tractors

dairies for cowsheds

irrigation pipe systems

ropes to tie greenhouses

planters for saplings

heaters for chicken farms

musical instruments

size A4 paper

writing implements





sewing machines and spare parts







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Gazastan, Israeli Ghettos and the New Apartheid

I mentioned earlier that I intended to have guest postings on various subjects, and this is the first in what I hope will become a series.

James Carr is an Irish professional whose work has taken him to many disturbed parts of the world, and here’s his assessment of the dreadful events now taking place in Gaza.

— Bock


It is reported that Israeli citizens have taken to labelling the Gaza Strip somewhat sneeringly as Gazastan suggesting that it belongs more to the supposed backward (and predominantly Muslim of course) steppes of Central Asia than on the borders of a modern progressive ˜Western’ state like Israel. While such attempts to ridicule and diminish one’s enemy are by no means unusual at times of conflict, this appellation may be more revealing than might seem at first sight. Long before the dissolution of the USSR led to the proliferation of unstable and conflict-ridden ˜stan’ states, there was another notorious type of ˜stan’.

In 1970 the sanctions-beleaguered apartheid state in South Africa tried to polish up its ˜western’ democratic credentials and at the same time achieve the democratically impossible feat of ensuring that four million whites could continue to dominate a population of 26 million. Very simply, they created ten self-governing black homelands which they planned to be declared in time as independent states. In the event only four homelands – Transkei, Bophutstwana, Venta and Ciskei –  achieved full ˜independence’ between 1976 and 1981. The Apartheid Government planned to transfer the great majority of the African population to these homelands on the basis of their tribal origin. Naturally these people were now no longer considered South African citizens and naturally therefore could not vote in South African elections. These unrealistic and non-viable states were termed ˜bantustans’, initially in a parallel to the partition of the Indian sub-continent, but later increasingly as a term of derision. Just as the outrageous Bantustan experiment highlighted the fundamental contradiction in the concept of a ˜white’ South African state, Gazastan is an unavoidable counterpoint to the miracle in the desert, the modern state of Israel.

The Gaza Strip has a population of more than 1.5 million in a total area of 320 sq km giving a population density of 4688 per sq km, one of the highest in the world. However only about one third of the land is arable and most of the population is packed into the major urban concentrations of Gaza City, Khan Younis and Rafah making the real density much higher. Israel controls almost all the borders of Gaza, its maritime waters and its airspace, which is not very relevant anyway since the Israeli Air Force bombing destroyed the runway at Yasser Arafat International Airport in December 2001. Israel returned control of the narrow southern border to Egypt in 2005 but the single crossing at Rafah has rarely been open due to a number of factors including the withdrawal of EU monitors in the aftermath of the Hamas election victory in 2006.

I worked in Gaza during the innocent days of the first Intifada when 10 casualties a day was considered appalling. At the time the entire strip was under Israeli occupation, as it had been since 1967, and living conditions, although far better than today, were still grim for the Palestinian population, with high unemployment, food and fuel shortages, constant intimidation and often arbitrary arrests, beatings and killings.

Supporters of Israel consider the use of the term concentration camp in relation to Gaza an outrageous parallel to the Nazi era, but of course concentration camps were not invented in Germany.  They were invented in in British-run South Africa during the Boer war — another interesting parallel. So let’s not use the term. Just look briefly at some of the facts. About 1 million or 70% of the population are refugees or descendants of refugees from what is now southern Israel. Gaza was part of Mandate Palestine in 1948 and although administered by Egypt from 1948 to 1967 the population were never given Egyptian citizenship. The entire population is effectively stateless living in an entity whose legal status is highly ambiguous. Israel claims it no longer has the responsibilities of an occupying power since its withdrawal in September 2005. Since then, however, it has used the enormous powers at the disposal of a modern state to control virtually every aspect of life in Gaza. Especially after the victory of Hamas in the 2006 Legislative Elections, Israel has used this power to impose what is effectively collective punishment on the entire population of Gaza, declaring the strip ˜a hostile entity’, restricting fuel and food supplies and restricting movement between Gaza and the outside world including the West Bank. All Gaza electricity is supplied from Israel. You will remember the many TV appearances of Irishman John Ging, Director of UNRWA Operations in Gaza, pleading with Israel to permit the entry of essential humanitarian supplies.

So Gaza is not really a concentration camp. The Guards do not patrol  inside the area. They do allow the population to arrange much of their own lives. However, people are generally not allowed to leave or to develop a reasonable economy, and the basic necessities of life are withheld at the whim of the invisible controlling power. The perimeter of the zone is patrolled by an aggressive military force. No, it is not a concentration camp. It is much more like the large urban zones established in the early 1940s by the occupying German authorities in places like Warsaw and Riga into which a demonised and disempowered ethnic group were ruthlessly corralled, contained, dehumanised and controlled.

Gaza is a ghetto.

Demonisation is a very important weapon in modern conflict and one of the most potent agents of demonisation is the word ˜terrorist’. Hamas is a ˜terrorist’ organisation; Gaza which it controls is a ˜terrorist’ entity and everything within the entity, whether human or infrastructure can be presented as a legitimate target.

But back in 1988 it was very different. Then the secular, non-sectarian Fatah was the ˜terrorist’ organisation and a new religious organisation called Hamas which means ˜zeal’ in Arabic was considered a suitable target for Israeli support. It was facilitated in the receipt of foreign funding and assisted by Mossad in establishing itself as a force in the occupied territories to fragment the united PLO-led front during the first intifada. When Arafat supported Saddam Hussein’s Iraq in the 1990-91 Gulf conflict, the wealthy Gulf states switched their funding from the suspiciously progressive Fatah to the religiously conservative Hamas. In 1992, in another slightly weird parallel with South Africa, Arafat attacked Hamas as being the Zulus of Palestine comparing their activities to certain Zulu leaders who supported the apartheid Government against the ANC. Of course much has changed since the early 1990s. But however unwittingly, Hamas have served the long term strategic interests of the more right-wing elements in Israel quite  well over that time, transforming the image of the Palestinian cause in the West from a populist national liberation struggle to an alien, fanatical and frightening fundamentalist jihad.


This demonisation of Gaza certainly distracts attention from the basic reason for Gaza’s existence. It exists primarily as a place to incarcerate the original inhabitants of what is now southern Israel without actually having to exterminate them or to give them any of the rights extended to the citizens of a state. It is also a place where  Israel can continue to intimidate its neighbours by regularly venting its military power on an entity that possesses none of the protections of a state. It provides a fig-leaf of justification for the massive wall built by Israel within the Palestinian West Bank and it also helps us to ignore the outrageously disproportionate distribution of casualties, where 300 deaths is seen as a reasonable response to the mere threat of death to one’s own citizens. There is here of course an insidious racism that Israeli Jews are really European just like us, and of course their peace of mind and freedom to maintain a western standard of living are more important than the lives of the alien demonised Palestinians, who are clearly not like us. Yet I wonder how we would view the situation if we were imprisoned in an impoverished overcrowded ghetto where our living standards were constantly diminishing and our lives and those of our family and friends were constantly hostage to the arbitrary whim of an invisible foreign power?

Remember Warsaw and Riga and those marvellously panoramic movies celebrating the resistance and fortitude of their doomed inhabitants. And remember Human Rights are universal. Political crisis and rhetoric should never be accepted as an excuse for selective application of these universal principles.


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Three Leaders, Three Standards : Bertie, Olmert and Suu Kyi

As I write this, Georgia are pounding the living shit out of Namibia, and all I’m thinking is, why the fuck couldn’t Ireland have done that?  

And then I’m thinking who the fuck cares?  Look at Burma.

Here we are, living in a corrupt, fucked up little country, where senior politicians have no shame.  We have a prime minister — minister for finance at the time of the donations — who can’t remember skulking around with the price of a house in cash in a duffel bag, and who sees nothing wrong with doing so.  His party supporters see nothing wrong with such a senior politician being given this money by a circle of businessmen (or by one single company, depending on whose theory you prefer).

A tribunal discovers all kinds of irregular money transactions involving this politician.  The same politician tells the tribunal three or four different stories to account for this, and even suffers an attack of amnesia over some of the details.  Trivial details, admittedly, such as when and where and why he changed the price of a house in Irish currency into the price of a house in British currency.  One of the judges on the tribunal accuses our prime minister of telling them two diametrically opposite stories or, in other words, what would be called perjury if he did it in a court of law instead of at a sworn tribunal.

Has this man no fucking shame?,  I ask myself, and I hear you laugh a hollow chuckle.

Shame?  Are you fucking kidding?  Bertenstein?


Ehud Olmert, Israel’s prime minister, is currently being investigated by police over a property deal. 

Did he get money? 


Was he given a house?


Well, what the fuck happened?

Oh, they think he might have bought an apartment at a good price.


Can you imagine anything remotely like that happening in Ireland?  Can you?

Can you imagine a policeman so much as glancing at our revered Leader?  Like fuck!  Unless he happens to be a mutant Ninja career-suicide policeman who has no plans for any sort of promotion ever again, and who wants to spend the rest of his days counting ragwort plants in Wolf Hill.

And they call Ireland a First-World country.

Over there in Burma, you have a crowd of monks standing up to the murderous thieving bastards who hijacked democracy in that country and grow rich out of child labour and genocide. 

Over there, they have the incredibly courageous Aung San Suu Kyi who has sacrificed a lifetime in defence of the  principle of democracy. 

They have priests who care nothing for property or money or power or buggering little children, but who have the courage to risk everything by standing up to injustice.

And our politicians would probably call Burma a Third World country.

The worthless, crooked, thieving bastards.


Previously: Bertenstein


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Politics World

Nazis in Israel

Now look.  There are fools.  There are total fools. There are dribbling half-wits.

And then there are these guys:



OK.  Let’s think this through.  Say you’re Jewish, or of Jewish extraction, and you live in the remnants of the old Soviet Union, but because of your origins you qualify to get out of the shit-hole you live in.  You can go to Israel.

But wait!  Even though you’re a Jew, you’re also a Nazi.

I’ll just pause there now for a minute, while we all lean back, look at the ceiling and mutter a collective What the Fuck???

That’s right.  You’re a Jewish Nazi.

Right, I’m thinking.  In and of itself, that’s enough to get you put down immediately on the grounds of being a complete imbecile.  What kind of fool would do that?

But wait.  We’re not finished.

You live in some radiation-polluted ex-submarine-building industrial shit-hole where the tap water could eat through an alien’s carapace, the children suck entrails through a proboscis and the women look like Hulk Hogan on extra steroids, with more facial hair.  And uglier.

You get an offer to go to a land where the weather is great and the neighbours are less dangerous than every single unevolved lunatic on every one of the 98 floors in the decaying panelak you call a home.

What do you do?  You go there of course.  Immediately.  And then you immediately start a campaign of hatred against your new brothers, who just happen to be among the toughest,  and most uncompromising people on the face of the planet.

And you expect to survive?

Here’s your Darwin Award.





You might be wondering why the little kick thingy says ZERO.

Well, that’s because deleted this post from their listing.

I’ve sent them two emails asking why, but haven’t received a reply yet.  I’m starting to worry that they might be taking political correctness to new extremes by supporting Nazis’ rights and operating a strict no-offending-Nazis policy. 

Nazi scum have feelings too, maybe they’re trying to tell me?



In fairness to, they fixed the problem fairly quickly.  It was a mistake.

Hint: Next time you write a post, don’t say Jew, Nazi and Israel all in the one breath.  It makes moderators jumpy.

Instead, just say viagra porn gay dildo young nude sex blowjob.

They don’t mind that sort of thing so much.




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