Israel Isn’t A Bit Racist, Right?

Israel, you see, is the only democracy in the Middle East, and as we all know, democracies never do anything bad.  We understand this after a century of Hollywood telling us so, and half a century of American TV drama  hammering the message home.  Democracies are always good and right and admirable and kind and caring.

Democracies blow up asteroids that threaten to destroy the Earth.  They tackle alien invaders head-on and they high-five each other beneath the Golden Gate Bridge when the alien mothership explodes in its geosynchronous orbit, because that’s what democracies do.  Isn’t that right?

And of course, if you happen to be immersed in the entire Hollyverse, as most of us are, you can’t escape the narrative that POTUS is the leader of the Free World, whatever that might be.

Now, you might be thinking, Here’s yet another anti-American diatribe from Bock, but you’d be wrong on many levels, and of course, Level One is very simple: I’ve never written a single anti-American word in my entire life.

What I have written is a great number of words criticising American foreign policy, but that’s an entirely different thing, unless you’re the sort of person who treats everything as a personal attack.

Oops.  Isn’t that where we came in?

The very first lesson in the Oppressor’s Handbook, if such a thing existed, would be to dehumanise your victim.  It happens all the time, because oppressors seem to understand without any tuition, how to be complete bastards, probably because they’re born like that.

Of course, in modern times, the Nazi concept of the Untermensch is probably the most notorious, followed by the image of the vile Jew, scheming and stealing from decent Christians.


Why am I talking about America at all?   How about the fact that the United States continues to support Israeli policy no matter how savage, no matter how aggressive, no matter how uncompromising?  How about the fact that the USA gives Israel $3 billion every year?

Here’s Israel, a democracy built on the expulsion of millions of indigenous people from their homes to make way for European immigrants whose ancestors never, ever lived in this land.  Immigrants whose only claim to ownership of these lands is a biblical one, based on the ravings of ancient (and homicidal)  religious maniacs .

And here are the refugees from that expulsion, the Palestinians who used to live on the land that the Europeans kicked them off with much killing and who now look through a fence at the farms that the Zionist gangs took from their grandparents by force

Who are the terrorists?

I now what you’re going to say.  It’s the armed gangs who invaded the Palestinians’ homes and shoved them into a huge open-air concentration camp.  That’s the terrorists, right?

No.  I’m afraid not.  The terrorists are the people who were kicked out of their homes by the armed gangs who killed and raped their grandparents and who are continually bombed by the people who dispossessed them.

They’re the terrorists.

Yeah, I can understand that, in the same way that rape victims are aggressors and people who resist muggers are violent criminals.  It makes perfect sense.

Guess what?  The Israeli Ambassador to Ireland came up with an image every bit as vile as the European stereotype of the rapacious Jew when he published the following image on Facebook, designed to stir up hatred against Muslims, and presumably to deflect attention from the disgraceful Israeli murder of the people his country is required under international law to protect.

israel next 800

This despicable image came from the Israeli embassy to Ireland.  It’s clear incitement to hatred and as such it needs to be referred to the Gardai.

After all, if that’s the mindset of the Israeli ambassador, what can we expect from the lower orders?  What can we expect from those with their fingers on the trigger?