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Travellers Convicted of Keeping Slaves

Wouldn’t you love having to face this thug every morning, knowing that he might be about to beat you senseless for some infringement of his rules?  All the worse if you happen to be a starving alcoholic surviving on meagre rations and five hours sleep, living in a horsebox and shitting in a field.

John James Connors, an utter lowlife, and his wife Josie, a complete scumbag, were jailed in Bedfordshire for keeping men in slavery, forcing them to work day and night in their dodgy paving business.  Johnny-Jim got eleven years for keeping slaves and systematically beating one of them for six years.  Josie got four years for abusing two victims.

Connors got a kick out of degrading and humiliating their prisoners.  The slaves had their heads shaved, their personal papers were taken away, they were given primitive conditions to live in, received no pay and spent all their waking hours working.  When they did anything to incur Johnny-Jim’s anger, he beat them savagely and threatened to kill them if they tried to escape.  He forced them to call him Dad.

The jury failed to reach a verdict on four other members of the Connors family, and the authorities have said they’ll  apply for a re-trial.


Here’s a crowd of spongers, using slave labour to run a profitable paving business,  operating out of publicly-funded facilities provided on the grounds that they can’t afford their own accommodation.  I’d be interested to see the tax returns made by the Connors family over the years.

Are you as sick of this nonsense as I am?  Are you getting as tired of people claiming to be an excluded, oppressed minority?

We have genuinely oppressed, poor people among us, but Irish Travellers are neither poor nor oppressed.  And they’re not an ethnic minority

Tradition my arse.

On the positive side, Johnny and Josie are going to simply love jail time.