Kate Middleton Nurse Commits Suicide After DJ Prank Call

Jacinta Saldanha committed suicide after unwittingly putting through a prank call from a couple of Australian DJs fishing for information about Kate Middleton.  As a consequence, the two DJs have been taken off the air, they’ve been subjected to sustained abuse and accused of causing the nurse’s death.

What are we to deduce from this?  Several things, in my opinion.

First, the Australian DJs, Mel Greig and Michael Christian, are utter twats for trying to pry into the private medical details of any woman, whether that woman happens to be a member of the British royal family or not.

Second, the hospital must have very poor procedures in place if it leaves a nurse to answer the phones without instructions about dealing with queries, given the high profile of its patients.

Third, the general public are idiots.  How else could you explain the widespread belief that the prank call caused the nurse’s death?  It has to be an epidemic of stupidity.

Of course the twat DJs made the call, but how on earth could they have foreseen that anyone would commit suicide because of it?  It’s ridiculous.  Clearly, Jacinta Saldanha should never have been placed in the position where she was answering calls, but more than that, she must have had an extremely vulnerable and fragile personality.  Did the King Edward VII hospital give any consideration to the question of who should be answering calls about Kate Middleton?  Did they provide any guidance or training?

And who precisely pout this poor woman under pressure?  Was it the Australian DJs or was it the world’s worst gutter press?

To my mind, it seems that the two Australian DJs, while being utter tools for trying to extract private information about a woman’s health, could not possibly have foreseen how fragile Jacinta Saldanha was or how she would react once their trick was exposed, and yet this case has become an excuse for every sanctimonious, self-important, self-appointed gobshite to rain down condemnation and opprobrium on their heads.

If anything, it says more about the empty-headed vacuity of your average social-network halfwit than it does about stupid DJs.  It also shows how easy it is to raise a lynch-mob as long as you keep the logic to a minimum.