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Reformed Hooker Tackles Limerick Prostitution

A former hooker today issued a heartfelt plea to Irish men.

Just work on your social skills, maybe wash more regularly and buy some new clothes.  Then you may not have to pay for sex.

The ex-hooker, now prominent in Limerick business circles, is blunt about life’s realities.

When I worked as a hooker, I took such a pounding, I might never get over it.

Every time I worked, men punched me, lay on top of me grunting and sweating, called me filthy names and generally disrespected me.  My nose has been broken so many times, I’ll never get my looks back.  When people see me in the street, they lower their voices and point.  I know what they’re thinking.  Once a hooker, always a hooker.

You might think I don’t feel it, but behind this hard exterior, it hurts. If I hadn’t found my new vocation, I might still be lying under a heap of those filthy unwashed men with no social skills.

Father Jerry Flannery