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Why Aer Lingus is leaving Shannon

Aer Lingus operates full flights into and out of Shannon every day. It will also operate full flights into and out of Belfast every day.

So what’s the difference?


The Shannon route carries a mix of passengers, some of whom have just arrived at the ticket desk and bought a fare at the top price. Others have booked months ahead and got their tickets at a very low cost. The rest are somewhere in between.

The Belfast flights will be packed with civil servants and politicians frantically shuttling back and forth to London in the new euphoria of a Northern Ireland where Paisley thinks he’s Irish and Gerry Adams is a Unionist.

These civil servants and politicians couldn’t give a flying fuck what a ticket costs and they’ll all be paying top dollar, meaning plenty of extra cash per flight for Aer Lingus. Furthermore, because these politicians and civil servants are all dealing with Westminster, they want to go to Heathrow so they can take the Tube straight there.

That’s the reason our government acquiesced so meekly to this proposal. It suits their new agenda, which is the repartitioning of Ireland. The North-South divide is finished. Now we have the East-West partitition, where all resources will be concentrated in the Eastern half of the country, and the West will be left as some kind of theme park, and maybe a source of holiday homes for Tribunal people.

You know something about this new repartitioning? You won’t see any Provos out on the streets throwing petrol bombs in protest this time because the plan suits them, and it’s going to make them all rich. Lucky old Provos. So much for their slogans about a United Ireland.


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