Now look. It’s like this. We travelled to Llanelli in high hope, and we were beaten fair and square by a team who were better on the night. We have […]



I was hoping to bring some kind of semi-coherent report of the Wales trip, but to be completely honest with you, I’m still shattered from it, emotionally and physically. I’m […]

Llanelli 24 – Munster 15

They murdered us. The scoreline does no justice to a team who outplayed Munster in every aspect of the game. Llanelli were outstanding and they walked all over us right […]

Munster vs Llanelli

Munster play Llanelli tomorrow evening in the quarter final of the European Rugby Cup. We’re going by road, which means that Bullet and myself have to get up at four […]

Oh Yes, He’s the Great Zucchini

Bleat-Bleat!! Wha — ? Bleat-Bleat!! Ungnnhh? Bleat-Bleat!! I shook myself awake. What the – ? Had I been dreaming? No. It was Philip, my electric sheep-butler. It opened its jaw […]

Off again

I had just fired my final Magnum 44 round at the last surviving critter and drained the last of the Wild Turkey when the phone rang. ring ring ring crash! […]