Fianna Fail — Lost

cowen-lost001It looks like Fianna Fail is going to be annihilated in the local elections, and that’s great.  It’s better than great: it’s wonderful to see the crooked bastards getting it in the neck.  

But unfortunately, it isn’t good enough.


They’re still in power, that’s why.  Still in the driving seat and still running the country into the ground.

All we’ve done so far is kick out a bunch of Councillors who have no real function anyway.  Most of them spend their days hanging around the lobbies of local councils, trying to get planning permission for their voters’ horrible bungalows.  

Most of them have no idea at all why they’ve been elected.

I got a leaflet from one gobshite the other day, promising better educational facilities, more policing and less littering.  That’s how little they think of our intelligence.  Councillors have no role whatever in education or policing.  It’s not part of their brief, and I’d have told the gobshite to his face if he had the guts to show up, but he didn’t.  Instead, he shoved his unwanted leaflet through my letterbox and disappeared into the night.  Littering.

While the local elections are a good indicator of the way people see things, Fianna Fail are still at the wheel and they’re still drunk.  They’re driving this country over a cliff, so while I’m glad to see them getting stuffed in the local elections, it won’t change anything.  We need a general election so that we can kick them out properly.

But then we’re faced with the alternative:Enda Kenny. 

Dear God.