Sean Keogh, Lowlife Scumbag, Gets Only 4 Years for Part in Murder of Polish Men

After the jailing of lowlife scumbag David Curran last week, his accomplice Sean Keogh was today jailed for four years.

Keogh, you might remember, was accused of a lesser crime.  All he did was kick a dying man in the face as he fell to the ground after being stabbed in the head by Curran.

When I heard that Keogh has 75 previous convictions, I started to add up my own, and after a few minutes I came to zero.  Then I added in the convictions of my children, which increased the tally to zero.  I then turned to the rest of my family, and reached a grand total of zero convictions, so I started to look at my friends.

I went through them one by one.

No convictions.

No convictions.






Damn.  There you have it.  Between me, my family and my friends, our total conviction count comes to zero.  Nothing at all.  Not a single conviction.

What an unlucky young man Sean Keogh was to end up with 75 of the things.  I suppose society forced him to be such a scumbag.  It was probably your fault.

Four years for going with an armed man to attack two defenceless people, watching as that attacker stabbed a man in the brain and kicking the victim in the head as he fell dead.

That’s what this piece of shit got.  Four years, while his victim lies dead and his family is deprived of a decent man.

Let me ask you one question. What exactly do people like Sean Keogh and David Curran have in common with you or me?

Why do we tolerate them?  Why do we even let them live?