McAreavey Murder Hijacked By Racists

As if the McAreavey and Harte families didn’t have enough to endure, we now see racists stepping forward to hijack the families’ tragedy.  A lovely young girl was murdered, leaving two families distraught, and their pain was compounded by the inept investigation by the Mauritian police, perhaps under pressure to find a culprit, just as the British police were when they arrested the Birmingham Six, or the Irish police when they tried to pin a false charge on Joanne Hayes.

That’s the nature of police forces everywhere, despite the image they try to project, and the Mauritian police proved no different, though their level of ineptitude is perhaps thirty years behind the level of our current police force’s incompetence, which is still considerable.  Their level of corruption is another matter.

But as if the insult to the McAreavey and Harte families wasn’t bad enough, as if they weren’t sufficiently crushed by the trial and by the failure to convict anyone for the murder, to the astonishment of everybody, a Mauritian newspaper went ahead and published explicit crime-scene photos.

Shocking.  An affront to decency.  Gutter press at its worst.

Yet was any of this the fault of all Mauritians?

No.  It was not.

Some crooked cop, impoverished jury member or unprincipled civil servant sold the pictures to the newspaper and that was all, but despite this, campaigns have grown up in Ireland and abroad, seeking to boycott Mauritius.  What’s more, the campaign has extended to include all immigrants to Ireland, African and others.

I can hear the drumbeats beneath this clamour and it’s worrying.  We wouldn’t be the first small country to succumb to fascism.

It seems that every racist in Ireland has grabbed this case as a golden opportunity to attack the people they hate.    This is fascism, and when they’ve finished with the Mauritians, when they’ve finished with the Africans, when they’re done with the Poles, they’ll  cast around for other victims.  Jews? Not many these days.  Muslims?  Certainly.  And when the gobshites are finished oppressing these groups, they’ll come for me, and they’ll come for you.

It’sd time to resist this movement in Irish society before gobshites are strutting around our streets in uniform.