Roscommon Abuse Report

Last week, the report was published on a case in which the Western Health Board failed to protect six children from their drunken, sexually-abusive parents.

Both abusers are now in jail, but not before six children were permanently damaged through the actions of the criminals and the failure of the Health Board employees to protect them.

A right-wing Catholic organisation intervened by sponsoring a High Court action which had the effect of prolonging the children’s agony for two more years while the social workers, who didn’t seem to understand the judgement, vacillated and dithered.

Some of the people involved in this Catholic organisation appear to have intimidated Health Board officials, which indicates that they might be influential in the local area.

I recommend a careful reading of the report, which is unfortunately written in very insipid touchy-feely-speak, but which is nevertheless unable to escape the bleak truth.  Six children were raped, starved and left to live in filth by two depraved drunks, while the social workers stood by with their heads up their arses.


Because the social workers were boys and girls fresh out of college, with no experience of life and a head full of half-witted sociology jargon.

While the social workers were recommending a bigger house for this family, the father and mother were both agreeing with everything they advised and simultaneously sexually abusing their children.  These little social-working boys and girlies thought a bigger house would solve the problem, when we all know people who came from huge families,  who grew up in tiny little cottages, and who experienced none of the depravity inflicted by these two savages.

The social workers were afraid.  They were afraid of the mad Catholic ideologues defending their insane vision of the family.  They were afraid of local power groups threatening their jobs.  They might even have been afraid of their own bosses.  And they were intoxicated by the feelings of infallibility conferred through the fake-scientific jargon of their fake-scientific training.

I’d like to know the following.

Which particular Catholic group took the action reported on?

Which senior officers of the Western Health Board were affiliated with this right-wing Catholic group, represented by the demented Mena Cribben?

Mena Cribben aka Mína Bean Uí Chribín

What law firm represented this vicious bunch of life-hating maniacs?

What connection does this firm have with extreme right-wing Catholicism?

Why did the Health Board not attend the High Court hearing funded by this extreme group?

Who in the Health Board decided after receiving the High Court ruling, not to pursue the matter and save these children from abuse?

Why did two GPs flatly contradict each other, with one saying the children were neglected and the other saying they were well looked after?

Apart from all that, the Health Board failed the children in countless other ways.

Here are some random quotes from the report:

  • 1989  A concerned neighbour contacted the Public Health Nurse (PHN1) expressing concern about the extent of the parents’ alcohol consumption; and alcohol being given to the baby. PHN 1 visited and found the baby pale and irritable.
  • In 1990, further to a telephone call from Mr A, PHN 1 attended at the home as Mrs A had just given birth there. The nurse called the family GP who arranged a hospital admission. She advised the Inquiry Team that Mrs A explained to her some days later that she had drunk eleven vodkas the evening before the birth and had not realised that she was in labour. The PHN advised the Inquiry that she told Mrs. A that it was a lot of drink.
  • The speech and language record for June 1999 shows that one of the older children, who was not taken to appointments in previous years, was referred again to the service. This child is described as not having walked until two years old and was having nightmares every night by the age of six.

There is something deeply sinister going on here.  Something beyond mere neglect and beyond incompetence.  These criminals were protected by ideologues and we need to know how far up in the Health Board their influence extended.


Report HERE


Mena Cribben


Doppelgangers. Mína Bean Uí­ Chribín and Mena Cribben

I have searched everywhere for an Irish name even remotely resembling Uí Chribí­n and I can’t find it anywhere.


Because it doesn’t exist.

That demented old maniac, Mena Cribben, harangued the nation in the sixties and seventies, and I remember my mother shaking her head in bewilderment at this crazy old potato-head.

It’s hard to understand why Mena would be so ashamed of her  married name, Cribben, that she would feel the need to transliterate it in the same way that so many of our native Gaelic names were anglicised. Cribben is a fine old Oxfordshire name that goes all the way back to the battle of Hastings, and I can’t understand why Mena wouldn’t be proud of that, even if she borrowed it from her husband.

I suppose the insecurity was because she was equally ambivalent about her own family name, Lawless.

The creature called Mína Bean Uí Chribí­n seems to be a construct, created out of denial. Why do some people seem unable to face up to reality and instead hide behind a gaelicised version of their names? I don’t understand this.

I remember the sixties, believe it or not, though I was but a child.

Even to my childish eye, Mena Cribben was a sad, though disturbed, person with obvious sexual issues which were driving the unfortunate poor woman nuts. I can understand that. Sexual hang-ups would drive anyone bonkers, and in Mena’s case the nuttiness manifested itself as an obsession with condoms and priests. (Not that a priest ever used a condom when screwing his housekeeper or his altar-boys. God forbid!)

Now, I was as saddened as anyone to see Mena popping up again after all these years, this time in support of a child-abusing parent. But I wasn’t surprised. That’s the nature of demented religious extremists the world over.

Who is Mena Cribben, and what entitled her to contact a social worker dealing with a sexual abuse case? Is Mena Cribben a member of the family? Is Mena Cribben a legal representative? Is Mena Cribben in any way entitled to interfere with an investigation designed to prevent the abuse of children?

As far as I know, Mena Cribben is nobody. So why does our State tolerate a demented woman interfering in an official investigation? Why didn’t somebody use their powers to prosecute this old busybody for obstructing a properly-constituted investigation?

Did somebody – an official of this State – lose their nerve in the face of lunatic Catholicism? Worse, was somebody instructed to drop it? And if so, who issued that instruction? And why?

Was there clerical involvement?

Mena, after all, has been the driving force behind the movement that gave us Justin Barrett, and Ann Lovett, a poor teenager who died, ironically, in a virgin Mary grotto while giving birth, because people like Mena created a culture of condemnation in this country.

We fought these maniacs over the years and to some extent we drove them back, but of course, as we know, they haven’t gone away.

Let me tell you this. If it kills me, I will not tolerate a return to an age when demented bigots like Mena Cribben try to tell me or those close to me what to do.

This is far from over.



7th August 2012.

Mena Cribben died today that the age of


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Religion Scandal

Catholic-Supported Sex Abuser Gets Reduced Sentence For Being Female

I’m sure you’ll have been horrified by the details of the case in Roscommon where a mother sexually abused her children, starved them and kept them in filthy conditions.

There are a couple of other things about this case that puzzle me.

Firstly, the judge sentenced the woman to seven years in prison, but would have preferred to impose a life sentence.  This option was not available because the defendant is a woman.  A man could be sent to jail for life, but the 1908 Punishment of Incest Act specifies a maximum sentence of seven years for a woman committing incest.

Now you might think that this anomaly exists because of the strange Victorian attitudes back in 1908, but you’d be wrong.  The Punishment of Incest Act 1908 was amended in 1995 by the Criminal Law (Incest Proceedings) Act, which left the penalties unchanged.  Life for a man and seven years for a woman.

Why?  I don’t know.

Secondly, it now seems that the children’s suffering was needlessly prolonged.  The Health Board first became aware of the abuse in 1996, and eventually arrived at an arrangement for the children to be cared for by relatives.  However, in September 2000, the woman applied for, and received, a High Court order preventing the Health Board from placing the children in care.  Social workers gave evidence at the trial that they believed a right-wing Catholic organisation had helped the woman to apply for the order.

A childcare manager testified that he had been approached by a woman called Mí­na Bean Uí­ Chribín who told him that the family needed support, not intrusive action.

Do you remember this woman?  I do.  Also known as Mena Cribben.  A screaming, fanatical Catholic nutcase who for decades has been trying to impose a demented Taliban society on us.  Remember SPUC, Family Solidarity and all the rest of them?  That was Mína, the mad old bat.

So there you have it.  Mí­na’s idea of showing solidarity with a family is to let the children be sexually abused and starved.  Better than breaking them up.

That’s Catholics for you: always supporting the Family.


The Criminal law (Sexual Offences) Act 2006 states as follows:

2 (2) Any person who attempts to engage in a sexual act with a child who is under the age of 15 years shall be guilty of an offence and shall be liable on conviction on indictment to imprisonment for life or a lesser term of imprisonment.

Therefore, it appears to me that a person committing any similar offence today would risk life in prison regardless of their gender.


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