Shock At Varadkar Revelations

leo varadkarThe nation is is in shock following health minister, Leo Varadkar’s revelations concerning his personal life.

It’s not a secret, he said.  I don’t try to hide it but I don’t make a big deal about it either.   It’s just part of who I am.  Many of my colleagues in the Dáil know I’m only 36.  I’ve never hidden it from my friends or family.   My parents have known my age for quite a long time.  Thirty-six years, in fact.   They’re ok with it.

How did he tell party leader, Enda Kenny?

Look, Varadkar says, Enda doesn’t worry about these things.  Obviously he was a bit rattled but he said, Leo you’re the same guy I knew before you told me this.  It’s true I thought you were 58, but your age is your own business.  Then he gave me a manly punch on the shoulder and he cried a little.

You’d be surprised how many in the Dáíl are secretly under 40, and I think it’s very sad that they can’t just come out and say it.  They might be amazed how accepting people can be.

So, why reveal it now?

Well, there’s a referendum coming up to lower the age limit for the presidency, and now that I’m old enough to qualify, I don’t need to keep quiet about it any more.  Nobody will be saying I have a hidden agenda if I campaign for the change.

What sort of backlash does he expect?

I feel privileged to live in a society where nobody cares about your age, apart from a few extremists, but you’ll find them everywhere.