The paedophobe has moved

You might remember the child-hating thing that called me a monster. It’s now posting its comments on Dickler’s blog. In fact, it has threatened him with legal action for inciting […]

Paedophile Speaks Out

Paedophile Speaks Out

Here’s a reply I received to this post: Paedophile is not a word. Anonymous said… I know you aren’t going to post this comment, but paedophilia is actually a word […]

Paedophile is not a word

Let’s get this nonsense out of the way right now. Paedophile is not a word. I remember when the perverts invented it about twenty-five years ago to cover up what […]

Oh those feckin old bishops!

Bock is not big into religion, as you might have gathered. Bock, in fact, never sets foot inside a church, synagogue or temple unless, at the end of the ceremony, […]