Ratzo's Leap

Ratzo’s Leap

Here’s the moment when the Popehound jumped out my bedroom window. Caught on cctv. ============================= Ratzo Ratzo 2 Das papahund Das papahundchen Curses Ratzo – First Blood

Das Papahundchen

Das Papahundchen

Ratzinger didn’t fall to his doom when he jumped out the bedroom window. As I was rooting around in the cellar, searching for a spare canister of polonium-210, I heard […]


I’m a modest soul, and I don’t like to beat my own drum too loudly in case people would think I was being conceited. But at the same time, you’d […]

Das Papahund

Das Papahund

Last night, as usual, I riveted a sheet of stainless steel to my bedroom door and, as usual, by dawn the dog had gnawed through it. As usual, I fired […]


There’s the unelected Pope Ratzo the First over there in Rome, issuing edicts to all and sundry to the following effect: 1. If you’re a priest who finds out that […]

Ratzo – First Blood

I knew instantly it was the purple phone ringing. The one I keep in a specially-constructed safe under my bed. Not the red one I use to speak to Bush, […]