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PC World Sold Me A Piece of Shit

Foreword: This post started out as a throwaway comment about the bad attitude of PC World staff, which explains the fact that it has no structure.

It wasn’t intended as anything other than an incoherent shout of rage about the terrible service PC World offer, and that’s exactly where it would have stayed but for the extraordinary replies it received.  Most notable among these have been the threatening comments from PC World employees, and these comments have  become the real subject matter of this post, but the comments from Blitzen entered into mythology for their sheer stupidity and fully deserved a post all of their own.

So, I know this is going to seem a small bit ragged, but stick with it.

It’s insane but PC World attacking its own customers has to be worth a look.


Original post:

My PC is slower than any computer I’ve ever had.

The computer I bought from PC World is the worst computer I’ve ever owned.

I’ve been using computers since before most of my readers were born, but I’ve never owned a piece of shit like the piece of shit I bought from PC World.

The computer I bought from PC World spends most of its time frozen, unable to do anything.

I spoke to their staff and they didn’t care. This computer is a piece of shit, and I bought it from PC World.

PC World don’t care what kind of shit they sell you as long as they get your money.

My advice to you is this: never buy anything from PC World. They sold me a shit computer and they didn’t care.

PC World are a shit shop.

Don’t buy from PC World.

Update (28th April 2008):

I see Dixons have finally noticed my complaint. To the person from Dixons Stores Group who’s been logged on to this post for the last four hours, I say, Shame on you for having such a dismissive attitude to your customers. I’d never buy another thing from Dixons or PC World and I’d advise anyone reading this to avoid you at all costs. You’re a disgrace.


Update July 2008

As you can see from the comments, somebody at PCWorld is very pissed off indeed at the idea that I should be able to criticise them freely.  They’re now issuing threats against me, or at least, one particular gobshite is.


Update October 2008

This saga turns out to be a classic example of the way bad service hurts your business.  A Google search for PC World returns four of PCWorld’s company sites, followed by what?

Yes indeed: PC World Sold Me A Piece of Shit – Bock the Robber.

No. 5 of 57,400,000 results.  Ha!




Excellent advice here from Nippy about using the small claims court:

Write a letter to the store of purchase detailing your transaction.
1): Date of sale. Amount of sale etc.
2): The failure sequence and your notication to the store.
3): How the store dealt with your complaint. (ie They didn’t)
4): State that if the claim is not dealt with by return (2 weeks say) a small claim will be filed in the appropriate district court (the court in the district in which the purchase was made.) This costs 15 Euro and is quick (weeks), and the form is on the internet under court services (

I have found that in 100 % of problem supply situations including a) a 2000 euro computer, b)an IPOD, c) Incorrectly cut set of curtains, d) a failed camera, the mention of this proceedure puts the wind up them and I got an instant attentive response. (I also filed once, the IPOD).
Best of luck

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