Talking to myself

Do you ever talk to yourself out loud? You know, like when you’re completely pissed off for no particular reason that you can put your finger on, and you wander […]

David Ervine

David Ervine died today. This was a guy who came from the heartland of bigotry and reached out across the divide. Whatever you think of his personal flaws, at least […]

The Gaaaaaaaaaaaa

Tonight, I thought I’d start by bringing you a few quotes from the great man, Micheál Ó Muircheartaigh. No introduction needed. Here we go:- “… and Brian Dooher is down […]


Hyperzenchef called from Japan, but this didn’t surprise me, as he lives there. He ran away to Japan a few years back to join the Yakuza, intending eventually to come […]

Wrinkly Joe speaks

Joe sent an email about the Kilkenny trip. I thought I might share it with you: Friday night was bad, first time playing with the drummer, his electronic kit and […]


I’ve been in fairly frequent correspondence with my old friend Joe-who-works-for-Halliburton-the-unprincipled-bastard. Let’s call him Joe d’Arab, for simplicity. Actually, he’s a baldy fucker from Tipperary (hock-thooey!) but we’ll overlook that. […]

Talking of AA meetings

I hate the word “workaholic”. I think it represents all that is stupid and illiterate in modern society. “Alcoholic” I can understand, but where did “workaholic” come from – “workahol”? […]

Hints and wrinkles

I’m getting worried about Wrinkly Paddy. He seems to be hitting the sauce very hard at the moment, and he’s becoming abusive to anyone straying inside his field of vision […]

More legal stuff

Received a bill today from my lawyer, Gonad the Ballbearian. I hadn’t seen him since the last bill he sent, and so I was a little surprised to receive this […]

Rain Debate

Years and years and years ago (cos I’m incredibly old, and can remember such things) there was an American series on TV, called The Invaders. A Quinn-Martin production, like Rockford, […]