Pope Benedict Resigns

Before going any further, let me offer a word of thanks to the outgoing Pope for eight years of laughter and fun.  I’m sorry to see him go.  After all, it’s not everyone who can claim to have been a member of the Hitler Youth and also head of the Inquisition, but Ratzo wasn’t satisfied with that.  He had to make history in his going.

The last Pope to resign was nearly 600 years ago, at a time when there were three of them: the Pope of Rome, the Pope of  Avignon and a third, the Pisan Pope, all busily excommunicating each other.  Three mighty Jedi, representing the Dark Side, the Light Side and the Magnolia Side.  Papal Grand Masters, Popes and Anti-Popes, threatening each other with assorted Christs and Anti-Christs as their motherships jockeyed for position high above Earth in a time far, far away.

I’m going to miss Ratzo.   I’ll miss his  funny little pronouncements and his worries about how many angels can fit inside a condom.  I’ll miss his cost-cutting measures like the closure of Limbo.  But most of all, I’ll miss his cute liddle Cherman accent that so much fun gave us with the laugh-making at.

I’ll miss life without the Papahund.

‘Wiedersehen, Ratzi.

As absolute monarchs go, you weren’t the worst.




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