Gay Marriage

Gay Marriage

I’ve been thinking about this recent court case involving the two women who want to be married, and it’s bothering me. These women, it seems, want to be married like […]

Captain Kirk sings Pulp

Can’t remember if I posted this or not. Captain Kirk singing Pulp’s Common People with Joe Jackson and Ben Folds. No doubt somebody will point out the mistake if I […]

The Sacred Heart under threat.

There’s an article in today’s Irish Times about the decline of B&Bs in Ireland. A worrying article. A deeply worrying article, pointing to a potential collapse in one of our […]


America exists because the English and the French killed all the local people and took over their land. Isn’t that obvious? Fair fuckin play to them. If there were enough […]

Don’t get me started

In Dublin, an entirely blameless Lithuanian man died when he attempted to stop four people siphoning diesel from his truck. He was an honest man, well-regarded in the transport business, […]

Giving offence

Question: What’s the difference between Serbian, Croatian, Serbo-Croat and Bosnian? Answer: None. Linguistically, it’s about the same as the difference between Dublin English and Cork English, except there’s no Yugoslav […]

Horse sense

I love Lidl. Their special offers are just great, and they manage to keep us in a constant state of joyous expectation, but it would be hard to beat next […]

Rain Debate

Years and years and years ago (cos I’m incredibly old, and can remember such things) there was an American series on TV, called The Invaders. A Quinn-Martin production, like Rockford, […]