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Portuguese Police Get Sense at Last

I see that fat fuck, Goncalo Amaral, was finally sacked from the McCann case. This serial abuser, who would rather torture the McCanns than do any real work, has finally stepped over the line by accusing them of manipulating the British police.

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I wrote about this fucker a little while back, here, and I’m glad to see that common sense is finally beginning to prevail. Even in Portugal, it seems, there’s a limit to the level of police incompetence they can tolerate.

Maybe now, after the body-in-the-fridge slur, and the body-under-the-church theory and all the rest of it, we might see a slackening off of the holier-than-thou brigade. You know, the people who never once in their lives made a mistake raising their children, because they’re so fucking perfect, unlike the rest of us. Not to mention those people, barely out of their teens, who never once in their lives had to take responsibility for anything, never mind raise a child, but who nevertheless flooded the message-boards with self-righteous condemnation of two people who must be going through hell because of their negligence.

They make me fucking sick, these fools who were so quick to point fingers at the parents of this poor child.

I don’t care if the McCanns were negligent. It doesn’t matter: nothing that the Moral Majority can do to them will compare with what they must be doing to themselves.

But I’m still glad that fat fuck Amaral is off the case, not that he spent much time on it anyway. By all accounts, when he wasn’t stuffing his fat fuck face with face-fattening chocolate fuckers, he was at home asleep, dreaming up insane things to accuse the McCanns of, as a substitute for doing any actual detective work. (That, of course, is when he wasn’t beating the shit out of suspects in other cases, it seems).

Good man, Goncalo. Our kind of policeman. He’s the ideal man to investigate the deaths of Diana and Dodi, and I have the very suspect for him.

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Portuguese Police, Arguidos and the McCanns

Much was made during the week about Kate and Gerry McCann being named as arguidos, or official suspects.

Before that, you might recall, the Portuguese police declared a totally innocent man, Robert Murat to be an arguido, on the clever policing insight that he’s separated and has a daughter of his own back in England, and therefore more than likely kidnapped Madeleine. Obviously.

But guess who else is an arguido? Well, that would be Mr Goncalo Amaral, a senior policeman working on the McCann case, who is also an arguido as are four of his colleagues. Or, to be more precise, he was an arguido, but now that he’s been charged, he’s gone beyond that.

They just love their arguidos over there in Portugal. Policing, you see, in a country like Portugal, isn’t quite the same as policing here, in spite of all I’ve said about our cops. The reason? Well, Portugal was a military dictatorship until about thirty years ago, and you would never want to forget that. The people at the top of the Portuguese police are the same people who served as base-level policemen under the Junta, and police-state practices don’t disappear overnight. Thirty years is but an eyeblink in the life of a nation.

Here’s Mr Amaral.

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The case he’s being investigated for involves the disappearance of a child in 2004, seven miles from Praia da Luz where Madeleine went missing. The missing girl’s mother, Leonor Cipriano was questioned by Mr Amaral and his colleagues about the abduction of her daughter, and in this case, the police saw no need to have a lawyer present during the interrogation.

The interview went well and Ms Cipriano confessed under the inescapable logic and forensic questioning of these fine officers. Clearly, since Ms Cipriano was a local person, and without much money, they felt they could be a little more direct with their questioning.

Here’s Ms Cipriano after the interview:

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Now Portuguese law, as we’ve all been assured over the past few months, is very exact and precise, but also very, very fair. This is why it was possible to convict Ms Cipriano of murder, though no body was found, and at the same time to charge Mr Amaral and his four colleagues variously with torture, omission of evidence and falsification of evidence.

Isn’t that good? Wouldn’t you have great faith in such people and such a system?

Wouldn’t you believe every word they leak to the the press about the McCanns?

Of course you would.



Pope Pays Price for Hearing McCanns’ Confession

Madeleine McCann

Portuguese Police Get Sense at Last

McCanns Not Suspects, Say Portuguese Police


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Madeleine McCann

I wasn’t going to write about this. I just wasn’t because it doesn’t bear thinking about, but in the last few days the whole thing has become insane, and you know what’s really pissing me off? All the self-righteous experts over here, nudging and winking, passing judgement on the McCanns, with absolutely no information whatever to go on. Not that ignorance ever stopped a lynch-mob.

How do I know they have no information? Because the Portuguese police seem to have no information either. What’s going on over there in Portugal? I can’t figure it out. Do you know what’s going on, and if so, would you mind telling me?

What are the police saying? That Kate McCann killed the little girl?

Oh right. So they were out at dinner, when suddenly Gerry McCann, slaps his forehead. Shit! I forgot to murder the child before we went out.

Don’t worry, Love, soothes Kate. I’ll nip back to the apartment now and do her in while you’re finishing your dinner.

I feel such a fool, says Gerry.

Don’t worry about it, chuckles Kate. I’ll be back in a jiffy.


Scenario One: The child was abducted. This has not been ruled out.

Scenario Two: The child was accidentally killed in the apartment. OK. Why would they even try to hide it? Why would they go through this charade of having dinner with their friends?

Scenario Three: The child was murdered. by the McCanns.That makes no sense at all to me. Parents take their three children on a family holiday to a popular Algarve resort, but change their mind and murder one of them.

The cameras of the entire world have been pointed at these people since the child went missing. I find it very hard to believe that anyone could so thoroughly dispose of a body in such a short time that the following gigantic search failed to find it.

The latest innuendo concerns an allegation that traces of blood were found in a car the McCanns hired twenty five days after the little girl disappeared. Oh well there you have it then. They’re guilty!

Eh, no. Not quite.

First, we don’t know how the samples were collected, or how the chain of evidence was protected. We also don’t know whether the parents’ clothing was already contaminated with blood from some innocuous nosebleed or the like. And finally, Portimao is not a big place. It is not beyond the bounds of coincidence that the McCanns might have hired a car previously used by an abductor. It would be an appalling irony if this turned out to be true, but it’s far from impossible.

However, this is straying dangerously close to rigorous thinking and, of course, logic is the last thing that scandal-mongers and finger-pointers want, because it spoils their fun.

I don’t know if the McCanns killed their child. I hope they didn’t but I don’t know yet. Just like the self-righteous finger-pointers don’t know while they beat their breasts and tut-tut at the McCanns for being bad parents.

It must be great to be perfect.


The Pope Pays the Price for Hearing McCanns’ Confession

Portuguese Police, Arguidos and the McCanns

Portuguese Police Get Sense at Last

McCanns Not Suspects, Say Portuguese Police


Crime World

Sky News Pigs

I’m not going to say much about this, and I’m certainly not going to join in that new and ugly trend: condemnation of the parents.

I’m horrified by the smug and superior tone some bloggers are taking. It’s easy to talk and it’s easy to condemn, as if any of us has that right, but these poor people are going through torture right now and I don’t like the way fingers are being pointed at them. Yes. They were wrong to leave the children, but by Jesus they’re suffering for it now.

Sometimes, it doesn’t matter if you’re in the right. Sometimes in this life, the time when you’re right is the very time you should keep your mouth shut.

As for Sky News: what sort of vultures are they? I don’t know if this man, Robert Murat, had anything to do with the child or not, but he’s now a household name, even though he hasn’t been charged with anything. There must be more Sky reporters in the Algarve than tourists, and every one of them is snuffling around in the street outside Robert Murat’s house. And they have broadcast every last detail of his life to the whole world.

I’m not saying he’s innocent. I don’t know, and neither do Sky News, but I repeat: he has been charged with nothing. The Portuguese police have named him as a suspect and that’s all. A policeman’s suspicion is nothing more than that: speculation.

In a civilised society, people are not convicted on the basis of suspicion. In a civilised society, people are not convicted on the basis of innuendo. Yet this is exactly what Sky News are trying to do, the lazy, incompetent hacks.

I’m not saying this to protect a criminal. I’m saying this in defence of you and me, the next time somebody decides to fling an unproven allegation at one of us. Otherwise, we’re back to the Star Chamber.

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